Pizza Pinwheels

After all that pastry-making last weekend, I was ready for a break.  But fate (or more accurately, my flatmate, who brought a leftover packet of puff pastry home) had other plans, so once again I found myself trying a new recipe.  I was leaning towards a pie, as always, but my kitchen supplies are still fairly basic and I don’t have a suitable dish yet.  Besides, I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many nibbles stored up in the freezer, so I opted for these Pizza Pinwheels from the good folk over at the BBC.  As this is a non-vegetarian recipe, I had to adapt it by ditching the ham, and I also switched to vegetarian Parmesan as I had some to use up.  They couldn’t be simpler to make:

Roll out a rectangle of puff pastry…

…spread 6 tablespoons of pasta sauce over it, leaving a border of 1cm (I’d recommend leaving a slightly larger border at the end you are rolling towards, to avoid any oozing out – I learned this the hard way, and ended up with slightly soggier rolls than I would have liked)…

…scatter the cheese on top – I bet some chopped olives would be good too…

…roll it up, chill it, then slice, brush with egg and scatter with herbs (I went for basil, but I bet oregano would be lovely), bake in the oven…

…and scoff!  Mine don’t look perfect like the BBC ones, as they got a bit soggy – but they taste better than they look, and feel like a bit of a treat.  It’s pizza and pastry, together at last.

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