Cocktail Cupcakes

When I was a young whippersnapper, I often used to spend Sunday afternoons baking with my mum ahead of a little party tea in the evening.  To this day I love my baked goods on a Sunday (well, every day preferably, but if I haven’t something home-baked on a Sunday I start to get the shakes).  So when I saw a baking class scheduled for yesterday afternoon, how could I resist?  Not least when I saw that this time we’d be making cocktail cupcakes!

Strawberry Daiquiri

I’ve never eaten this kind of cupcake before, but as a firm fan of both cocktails and cupcakes, what’s not to love?  The recipes were from Hummingbird’s Cake Days book, which I’m dying for my own copy of, and while it suggested mini-cupcakes our greed won out and we made full size ones.

Pina Colada

We made four different kinds:  chocolate and Cointreau, pina colada (with a piece of rum-soaked pineapple in the base and coconut milk in the batter), mojito (with rum, mint and lime) and strawberry daiquiri (with rum-soaked strawberry in the base).  The sponge was really moist and light, and the flavours were quite exotic.  There was a reasonable amount of booze in both the batter and the icing, but they turned out very subtle – they felt quite sophisticated, and were a real treat.  A Sunday afternoon well-spent!

Mojitoes in the middle

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