Easter Cupcakes

Easter is a celebration tainted for me by traumatic childhood experiences.  Like most children, I dreamed of an Easter weekend full of tasty egg and animal-shaped treats.  My classmates returned after the holidays with boasts of receiving ten Easter eggs, but, much like a Dickensian orphan, I was not so lucky, nor so loved.  My parents believed that Easter eggs were a waste of money, and said we’d get more chocolate in a simple bar form.  A bar!  A boring old bar of chocolate that you can buy all year round!  Didn’t they realise that chocolate tastes better when it’s in a pleasing shape?!  So alas, I had to suffer through Easter with merely a bar of Galaxy and a book (we always got a book at Easter too, which I’m not sure is part of the great Easter tradition, but I suspect Jesus would approve) when in fact all I wanted was seasonally-shaped chocolate.

For lesser beings these horrific experiences might have resulted in a hatred or even fear of Easter.  But I’m a plucky little creature (also not unlike a Dickensian orphan), and will not let it stop my merriment now!  Here are some celebratory marbled cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla, topped with different kinds of seasonal decorations.  They were fun to make and, indeed, to eat.


Follow any cupcake recipe you like, making half a quantity of chocolate and half of vanilla batter.

Prepare the cake cases.  I filled mine 1/3 full of chocolate, then another 1/3 full with vanilla, but I think it might be nice to just dollop alternate teaspoons in instead – the finished effect might be a little prettier.

Marble them by swirling through a knife/teaspoon/similar utensil, and bake them as per the recipe.

Allow them to cool completely before icing.  I made a batch of vanilla buttercream icing for the top then divided it into three different bowls…

..half of it with some cocoa powder added, and topped off with Mini Eggs…

…the other two quarters coloured with seasonal colours and topped off with sugary Easter chicks.  Yum yum!

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