Posh Scrambled Eggs On Toast

Posh Scrambled Eggs on Toast (5)

Eggs on a Sunday are a must for me.  They can be in any form, but they must be there somewhere, preferably for breakfast.  I ate something similar to this in a cafe recently and decided to make my own humble scrambled eggs on toast a bit fancier.  Something else I’m hoping to add to my Sunday routine:


Last week I had a picnic in Kowloon Park, and after a couple of hours chatting and eating, and indeed sweating, my friends and I walked past this pool and could quite happily have jumped right in.  This weekend, as temperatures hit 33 degrees, I went back prepared and it was just as lovely as I’d hoped.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a swimmer.  I think it’s partly due to my eyesight – if I wear my glasses, then I have to hold my head out of the water; if I don’t wear my glasses I can’t see a blessed thing so just making my way into the pool becomes treacherous.  I always feel extremely vulnerable without my glasses on.  Despite these obstacles, I do love to splash around in a pool – not so much swimming as bobbing and floating. When we were in secondary school, holidays were taken at Center Parcs which had the most amazing pool.  My brother and I had two favourite games, neither of which I excelled at.  One, ‘Sink the Bamboozle’, was played as we sat in our inflatable rings – we had to try to board the other’s ring, which basically meant pushing the occupant into the water.  I like to think there was one occasion when I was the victor, but that may just be wishful thinking – I was always the poor, sunken bamboozle (oh, the perils of being the youngest, smallest sibling).  Our other game was Hide and Seek, which might have been fun, were it a game I actually consented to play.  My brother and I would be bobbing along, mid-conversation, and suddenly I’d turn my head and he’d be gone.  I would make my way around the entire pool area, squinting into strangers’ faces and trying to get close enough to see if my brother were amongst them (my eyesight was already abysmal without my glasses), and then he would pop up about half an hour later crying gleefully “I’ve been right behind you the whole time!”

Despite all this, I have retained my love for the pool and look forward to many Sundays bobbing and floating around the pool, with a breakfast of eggs to sustain me!

Posh Scrambled Eggs On Toast

Serves 1


length of baguette, halved

2 eggs

1 tbsp Boursin

handful spinach leaves



Posh Scrambled Eggs on Toast (1)

1.  Heat the grill to high and toast the baguette halves.

Posh Scrambled Eggs on Toast (2)

2.  Place a pan on a medium heat to warm up.  Beat the eggs and Boursin together in a bowl or jug.

Posh Scrambled Eggs on Toast (3)

3.  Pour the egg mixture into the warm pan and stir with a wooden spoon.  Add the spinach, and keep stirring until the egg solidifies.

Posh Scrambled Eggs on Toast (6)

4.  Butter the bread, and heap the scrambled eggs on top.

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