Chez Helene Bread Pudding

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (10)

Nora Ephron is probably best known for writing When Harry Met Sally and other romantic comedies, but I think her novel Heartburn is of greater importance.  This is partly because it is a great story and full of humour, even though it is a true account of her husband’s affair with a mutual friend.  And partly because the novel includes a series of recipes, amongst them this absolute gem of a recipe for bread and butter pudding.

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (11)

Every time I try a new bread and butter recipe I am blown away by how great it is, and this is my favourite yet.  The top is gorgeously caramelised and crunchy, and when you dig down to the soft, spiced pudding below it’s blissful.

If only more novels incorporated recipes!

Chez Helene Bread Pudding

From Heartburn, serves 6-8 (depending on greed)


225g sugar

200g butter

300ml milk

410g can evaporated milk

2 tbsp nutmeg

2 tbsp vanilla

1 loaf of bread cut into chunks

1 cup raisins


1.  Preheat the oven to 180C and grease a casserole dish.

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (1)

2.  Cream the sugar and butter.

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (2)

3.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix together well.

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (3)

4.  Pour into the prepared dish.

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (4)

5.  Bake for two hours, stirring after the first hour (this photo was taken at the halfway stage – it crisped up a lot after that but I didn’t get a photo of the finished article).

Chez Helene Bread Pudding (9)

6.  Serve with cream.

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