Cheesy Potato Pie

Cheesy Potato Pie (24)

Possibly the best thing about moving back to the UK is having access to my beloved pie dish again.  And the second best thing is having an oven that said dish will actually fit into.  Yes, making a pie is always a bit of an occasion for me, and this is an absolute feast.  It’s lovely straight from the oven, all gooey melted cheese, but just as delicious for cold leftovers the next day.

Cheesy Potato Pie (26)

This is always well-received by meat-eaters, never moreso than over Christmas when many people want a bit of a break from roast dinners.  I don’t want pies like this to be too popular with omnivores though, as that means less for me!  As I will be the only vegetarian at my brother’s wedding tomorrow, I got to select the third meal option from the shortlist, and I have opted for cheese and potato pie – now I’m living in fear that all the non-vegetarians will snaffle up the pie before I get a look in.  If that happens, this wedding may go a bit Game of Thrones.  Otherwise, here’s to a day of absolute loveliness!

Cheesy Potato Pie (19)

Cheesy Potato Pie

Serves 6, from BBC Good Food


220g cheddar, 1/2 grated, 1/2 in chunks

200ml creme fraiche

500g shortcrust pastry

1 kg floury potatoes, thinly sliced

2 onions, finely sliced

1 bunch spring onions, chopped

pinch nutmeg

pinch paprika

1 egg, beaten


Cheesy Potato Pie (4)

1.  Heat the oven to 200C.  In a small bowl mix the grated cheese with the creme fraiche, then set aside.

Cheesy Potato Pie (5)

2.  Grease and lightly flour a ceramic or metal pie dish, or shallow cake tin, about 23cm across.

Cheesy Potato Pie (7)

3.  Roll out 2/3 of the pastry on a floured surface and line the tin, leaving a little overhang.

Cheesy Potato Pie (8)

4.  Place a layer of potatoes on the base.

Cheesy Potato Pie (9)

5.  Scatter over some sliced onions, spring onions and chunks of cheese.  Season well with salt, pepper, nutmeg and paprika.

Cheesy Potato Pie (10)

6.  Add another layer the same, then spoon over half the creme fraiche and grated cheese mix.

Cheesy Potato Pie (13)

7.  Repeat with the rest of the filling, finishing off with a layer of creme fraiche.  The filling will come up over the the pastry.

Cheesy Potato Pie (14)

8.  Roll out the remaining pastry to cover the top.  Brush the rim of the case with egg, then seal the top in place.  Crimp the sides and brush the top with eggwash.

Cheesy Potato Pie (18)

9.  Place the pie on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.  Then reduce the temperature to 180C and bake for another hour.  If the top looks sufficiently golden brown before the time is up, cover it with foil to prevent it burning.

Cheesy Potato Pie (21)

10.  Leave the pie to rest for 10 minutes before slicing up.

Cheesy Potato Pie (28)

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