Brno Friday (10)

This blog started back in 2011, when I was a vegetarian living in Hong Kong.  I’m a food fanatic, absolutely obsessed with cooking and eating, and used the blog as an online outlet for my enthusiasm, sharing my favourite recipes.

In January 2014, living back in the UK, I finally took the plunge, followed my instincts and became vegan.  Since then I have continued sharing recipes, but also started writing about food I’ve eaten in cafes and restaurants on my travels, and even about my favourite cookbooks.  While the focus is now very much on vegan food, I like to think it is accessible to everyone – these are eateries that everyone should try and recipes that everyone will love.  In August 2015 I moved again, this time to Prague.  I’m on a mission to visit as many European cities as possible, and eat all the good vegan food I can find!  So, please enjoy the recipes and reviews and forgive my bad photography!


3 Responses to About

  1. jordangkessler says:

    I like your site and I love vegetarian food even though I am not strictly vegetarian. I’m looking forward to enjoying all the international recipes.

  2. Lyttlebug says:

    How are you finding being vege in HK?

    • Jenny says:

      Ooops, this page is a bit out of date now! I was in HK from 2011-2013, and I was vegetarian but not vegan at the time. I found it ok, but I cooked at home a lot and went to 100% veg places when I ate out. You can’t even just ask for a vegetable side dish in most Chinese restaurants without getting a sprinkling of pork on top! There are some good veggie eateries though, I ate well.

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