Vegan in Liberec: bistRAWveg

You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but it was the height of summer when we took a day trip to Liberec, just an hour away from Prague.  Our main reason for visiting was to go to the science museum, IQlandia, so fortunately the incessant rain and thunder didn’t spoil our plans too much.  The only outdoor activity we did was have a quick look at the town hall here on arrival, then we ducked into a nearby shopping centre where we found our chosen eatery:  bistRAWveg.

It’s completely open in the centre of the mall, with no walls or doors, so it’s not especially cosy, but it’s still really nice – there’s a row of plants separating the tables from the masses, so it’s not too bad.  It seems to have all-vegan food, but cow’s milk available for drinks.  We ordered up at the counter after Dr HH did some top notch translating (though another Happy Cow review suggests they do actually have an English menu too), and our dishes were brought out pretty quickly, along with a free glass of water each – almost unheard of in this country!

Dr HH got the tacos:  they were filled with really flavoursome creams, the tomato paste was very flavoursome, and the seeds gave everything a lovely crunch.  The tacos themselves were corn-based and were quite thick, which was very exciting!  He loved this dish.

I played it safe with a good old bowl of courgetti.  It was an absolutely massive portion, which always makes me happy.  It was quite nutty too, with lots of bits of cashew in there, and it was well-seasoned.  It’s hard to make courgetti new and exciting, but the tomato sauce and cashews were really flavoursome and I would recommend it.

And we fuelled up on cake before our afternoon at the science museum!  Dr HH’s apricot cake is in the background.  What a lovely colour! The base had a hint of chocolate in it which provided a nice contrast with the fruity mousse part.  My chocolate cake was really creamy and had such a good, firm base.

Generally, I only visit raw eateries as a last resort – and sure enough, there aren’t many other vegan options in Liberec.  We were quite impressed by this place though, so well done bistRAWveg!  Even more impressive was the science museum, which is definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area.

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6 Responses to Vegan in Liberec: bistRAWveg

  1. I know what you mean about raw places – I tend to give them a bit of a wide berth. I have lots of good raw cake, but only a few really good meals. I’m glad you had a better experience. Those tacos do look great.

  2. its looking so delicious

  3. onesonicbite says:

    Sometimes I like raw restaurants because you can order some of the raw foods that are just very time consuming to prepare (aka things that use a dehydrator) But in general, I do think I rather have warm food instead (or deep fried XD) But everything here looks pretty darn tasty!

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