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Vegan in Nottingham

Hello! Dr HH here, filling in for Ms HH with tales of a recent solo adventure.  How would I fare without the meticulous meal planning of Ms HH? Was I doomed to wander the streets forever hungry?  Or could I … Continue reading

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Vegan in Manchester: HOME

Home is where the heart is, and one of my favourite things about going home to Manchester is paying a visit to HOME, Manchester’s greatest independent cinema. Formerly the Cornerhouse on Oxford Road, it relocated to much grander premises a … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Bistro Strecha

Is there any meal more exciting than brunch? I spend many an hour looking forward to my next brunch discovery, or daydreaming about putting together a spread for a themed brunch at home (though I’m far too lazy ever to … Continue reading

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New Products

It’s been a long time since I did a post about new vegan products I’ve tried. This is partly because we’re trying to use as little plastic as possible, so we’ve been a lot more conscious of what we’re buying … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Forky’s

Forky’s is a difficult place to classify. On the one hand it’s got glorious, slightly greasy fast food, and on the other it’s got build-your-own buddha bowls. I’d like to say it’s the latter that lure me in, but you … Continue reading

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Vegan in Brighton: Iydea (Again)

I often find myself stuck in the classic dilemma: should I revisit an eatery I know and love, or try somewhere new? Stick with my favourite dish, or gamble on another? When we were in Brighton this summer, we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Cookbook of the Month: Vegan Christmas (Part One)

Eyeing up Christmas recipes is one of my favourite activities, so as soon as I heard about this book by Gaz Oakley, I knew that I needed it. But truthfully, I don’t really approve of changes to my Christmas meals. I … Continue reading

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