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MiniMoFo: Welcome to Autumn

The third and final MiniMoFo challenge is all about welcoming the autumn.  There hasn’t been much of a seasonal transition here in the Czech Republic:  one week it was too hot for a cardigan, the next I was bundled up … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Thai Box Food

For the first half of this year, I felt like I was stuck in a rut in terms of eating out.  I know the places I like in Prague, and I eat there a lot.  Dr HH often suggests going … Continue reading

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Prague Vegan Festivals

Regular readers will hopefully be well aware that Prague is a great place to be vegan.  There are a lot of all vegan eateries, and what’s more, there is no shortage of vegan festivals here either.  In fact, we’ve been … Continue reading

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Cookbook of the Month: Vegan Bowl Attack

I was back in the kitchen this month after taking the summer off.  Dr HH did all of the cooking in August, and I was quite keen to get back into the kitchen (and put everything back in its rightful … Continue reading

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MiniMoFo: Food Crush

It’s time for the second MiniMoFo challenge, and this time we’re posting about our food crush.  I’m not wasting any time on this, because I instantly knew who I would choose.  It’s the one and only Ms Cupcake.  I mean, … Continue reading

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Vegan in the Czech Republic: Dobrá Čajovna

Now that I’ve been in Prague for over a year, I’ve had the opportunity to do some travelling around the Czech Republic.   While Prague is vegan heaven, and Brno is pretty solid too, a lot of other Czech towns … Continue reading

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MiniMoFo: Signature Dish

Are you ready for Vegan MoFo?  It’s in November this year, but I’m so excited that I’m joining in with the warm-up exercises of MiniMoFo.  The first prompt is: what’s your signature dish?  (The deadline is 27th September, if any … Continue reading

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