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Vegan in Prague: Blue Vegan Pig

Oh, you thought I’d already told you all about the vegan donut scene in Prague? You don’t know the half of it! Alongside the vegan options at Donut Shop, we also have the entirely plant-based Blue Vegan Pig to cover … Continue reading

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New Products

I love seeing vegans share exciting new products on social media, from great accidentally-vegan supermarket finds in the UK to exciting new Field Roast goods in the US. Unfortunately the Czech Republic doesn’t seem to have such an active community … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Satsang

I’m currently in the middle of a Parks and Recreation rewatch, which is leading me to (a) wonder who is truly the worst between Tom and April (current thoughts: Tom might edge it, but at least he actually suffers consequences … Continue reading

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MiniMoFo: Donut Shop, Prague

February’s MiniMoFo theme is Food is Love, and as far as I’m concerned the only surefire way to prove you love someone is to bring them vegan donuts, preferably in bed. Last summer, Donut Shop opened up about five minutes … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Forrest Bistro

When a new vegan bistro arises on the site of a former Loving Hut, it seems to be a great sign.  Forrest Bistro just popped up last year and has been a welcome addition to Prague’s already thriving vegan scene.  … Continue reading

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A Vegan Christmas 2017: Pre-Christmas in Prague

It’s only one week till Christmas, and I’m definitely feeling the festive spirit already!  This year has been better than ever for getting into the Christmas spirit in Prague, largely thanks to Puro offering a spectacular festive brunch every weekend … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Coffee Room

This is the perfect spot for millenials who would like to squander their pennies (or crowns) on avo toast rather than saving for a deposit on a house. The Coffee Room is a charming and popular little cafe in one … Continue reading

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