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Vegan in Prague: Pastva

The most famous sight in Prague is probably the Charles Bridge, the magnificent stone thoroughfare over the Vltava, marked with statues and constantly swarming with tourists.  Crossing that bridge always brings out conflicting emotions in me:  frustration at how slowly … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Etnosvet Bistro

It’s entirely possible that I am never going to run out of vegan eateries to review in Prague:  there are so many of them!  Last year I told you about Etnosvet,  a fancy vegetarian restaurant.  Well, here’s it’s all-vegan spin-off, located … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Balarama

After spending three weeks in the UK over Christmas, I had mixed feelings about coming back to Prague just over a week ago.  It’s been incredibly cold all week (-14C, which is unheard of to a city-dwelling Brit), I’ve diced … Continue reading

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A Vegan Christmas 2016: Pre-Christmas in Prague

In case there was any doubt, I love Christmas.  I’m enjoying it so much that, rather than my usual Christmas post, I’m splitting it up into two different legs:  the build-up when I was in Prague, and the main event … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Waipawa

Another new vegan eatery in Prague?  Yes, it’s true.  This one is quite small:  just a few tables and a bar.  It’s worth trying to squeeze in though.  It’s in Prague 10 (not too far from Plevel), so it gets … Continue reading

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Vegan in Prague: Manna Pizzeria

Pizza is probably one of the most popular meals amongst the other inhabitants of my apartment building.  How do I know that?  Because my neighbours like to leave their empty pizza boxes (and bags of household rubbish) festering in the … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo 2016: Vegan in Prague

I moved to Prague in August 2015, and I love it here!  It’s not the perfect place, but it has a lot going for it, including a thriving vegan scene. The Dox Gallery is one of my top recommendations in … Continue reading

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