Vegan in Prague: Lifehouse

I’ve been stuck in something of a food rut lately – too tired to dig into a new cookbook, always preferring the comfort of recipes that I know and love. And even though the vegan scene in Prague continues to expand on an almost weekly basis, I haven’t had my old enthusiasm for venturing across the city looking for a new spot to try. On that note, I’m going to take a brief hiatus from this blog for a few weeks while I’m on holiday, and hopefully return reinvigorated (and ready for VeganMoFo in August – sign ups here if you’re interested!).

It seems fitting to finish for the holidays with a brief post on a quick and simple lunch I grabbed in the city centre recently. The centre of Prague is incredibly beautiful if you’re a tourist – and incredibly annoying if you live here! The streets are quite small and winding, and, unsurprisingly, there are tourists everywhere who want to stop and savour everything, making it difficult for those of us who are simply try to hustle from A to B. Also, the city centre doesn’t have the best vegan options, more’s the pity.

Lifehouse is a solid option for a light bite though, and it’s located really close to Wenceslas Square. It’s a teeny tiny place with just a few stools in a really cramped area, so it’s definitely better as a takeaway option. They have a small menu, with some milkshakes, some very exciting looking cakes, and some of the open-faced sandwiches that the Czechs love so much.

There are three toppings available, and we tried the avocado and the cheese (the third was ‘egg’). The avo one was solid – it’s hard to go wrong with well-seasoned mashed up avo! The cheese one was beautiful, so creamy and flavoursome. I’ll definitely be back again for that one! However, I felt like both of these would have been better on toast than just bread, if only because the size of the slice and the weight of the topping made it extremely floppy and difficult to manage!

So if you do find yourself in need of a quick bite in the city centre, this could well be the spot for you!

Friends, I’ll be back at the end of July, hopefully with tales of all the exciting food that Japan has to offer! See you then!


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