Vegan Products: M&S Plant Kitchen Range – Part Two

Great news: the second wave of M&S’ Plant Kitchen range has made it to Prague! (Actually, I think some of these were first wave, but they’ve only made it here recently, so they’re still new and exciting to me.) I reviewed some of the earlier products I tried, and now here’s another batch. It’s so exciting to me that I can pop to M&S and get products like this on my way home from work!

I’d been looking out for the no pork sausoyges for a while because I’d heard that they were shockingly meaty. And it’s true! The taste, the texture, everything is spot on! I’ve always been loyal to Linda McCartney sausages, but these are my new favourites. They make for a top notch sausage sarnie!

The no beef burgers were also excitingly meaty – we don’t buy burgers that often, but these are definitely good to keep in the freezer for emergencies.

These nuggets are one of my new favourite things! If Dr HH is out socialising of an evening, I always pick up a packet of these for my dinner…and usually have a splash of M&S vegan wine to go with them. Very classy! The texture is so good, the outer crumb is good and crunchy, and they taste great.

I had really high hopes for the mac bites but actually, they were not great. The picture on the box shows each individual piece of macaroni, but in reality the inside was just mush: no shape, and no bite to it at all. They tasted fine, but they weren’t at all what I was hoping for, and I wouldn’t pick them up again – even with the yellow sticker.

The not-zzarella sticks were also very high on my wish list, and I almost screamed when I saw there was one box remaining. These were gooey inside, and had a really tasty crumb coating – nice junk food! I prefer all of the meaty goods to these cheesier ones, but I will still grab some of these again, should the opportunity present itself (so far I’ve only spotted them in the Wenceslas Square branch).

And finally, some dessert! The chocolate mousse pot was rich and creamy, a really good sweet treat. I’m so happy that this kind of dessert is available now!

There are still a few things in the range that don’t seem to have made it to Prague (isn’t there a pizza?), and a few that I just haven’t been inspired to try (the tofu teriyaki). British friends, am I missing out? What should I try next?!

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4 Responses to Vegan Products: M&S Plant Kitchen Range – Part Two

  1. plumesworld says:

    Yep there are two pizzas, Margherita and BBQ jackfruit. I really like the no duck wrap

  2. onesonicbite says:

    *drools* vegan cheese sticks! Why isn’t this a thing in the states?!

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