VeganMoFo 2017: Amorino, Milan

More gelato!  Amorino is actually an international chain and we even have it in Prague – but everything’s more exciting when you’re on holiday!  This branch is in Brera, which is a nice but very touristy area of Milan.  (Later in the day we were desperate for a sit-down and took a table at a bar, only to see it would set us back €4 for a regular can of Coke!)  Fortunately this place didn’t seem extortionate.  There was no outdoor seating, but some tables in the beautifully air-conditioned indoors which made life worth living.

The vegan gelato flavours were labelled, though unfortunately they were mostly fruit (yawn) and dark chocolate.  It took quite a long time in the trip to get to some more exciting flavours.  Nevertheless, the chocolate and raspberry was a winning combination – the raspberry was really refreshing and the chocolate super creamy.  No complaints from me!

They also get bonus points from us because Dr HH left his camera on the floor under our table, and when we went sprinting down the cobbled street two minutes later they had it safely behind the counter for us.  Huzzah!  (Considering that my personal history in Milan involves being pickpocketed, I was delighted by this display of goodwill.)

As a bonus, it’s not too far away from castello sforzesco, where you can wander the grounds for free, then head off for an ice cream to help you cool off – look at that cloudless sky!

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2 Responses to VeganMoFo 2017: Amorino, Milan

  1. onesonicbite says:

    That was nice of them! Glad your camera was safe and sound.

    • Jenny says:

      The silly thing was that every time we leave an eatery I always ask him: “Have you got everything? Phone? Wallet? Bag? Camera bag?” This was the one time I forgot! Clearly he needs the reminders!

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