Vegan in Malmo


When I booked my trip to Copenhagen, I was particularly excited about making a day trip across the sea to Malmo in Sweden.  Any fans of Nordic noir will know that Malmo is home to Saga Noren, detective extraordinaire.  More to the point, the bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmo is the perfect place to commit a crime.

On the screen, Malmo is a grey, gloomy place.  It was suffering from the same bad weather we were experiencing in Copenhagen (it’s only a 30 minute train journey), but nevertheless it was clear to see that it’s actually a very pretty place, and also a very vegan-friendly one.  They don’t show you that on The Bridge!



Saga Noren is no longer my favourite thing about Malmo:  Vegegarden has claimed that honour.  It’s a Chinese restaurant with an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, 100% vegan.  That’s the kind of challenge I like!  I had expected it to be jumping, but I was overestimating the number of vegans venturing out in the rain for Sunday dinner, so we managed to get a table easily and had our pick of the food.  There was so much to choose from, including an excellent array of deep-fried goods (I could quite happily just have piled up a mountain of the deep-fried “shrimp”).  This was accompanied by rice and numerous Chinese dishes of vegetables and mock meat, and even a Thai curry, which I didn’t try – I was sticking to my theme.  For the same reason, I avoided the well-stocked salad counter (it’s hard to say no to hummus, but I don’t like mixing my cuisines too much).


It was also possible to pile up a plate of noodles, veg and your choice of mock meat and get the whole thing stir-fried.  My fellow mocked me for “only” managing two plates of food, but I think I did pretty well and got my money’s worth – we didn’t need to eat again for the rest of the day.


Best of all, dessert was included in the price.  It wasn’t in the ‘all-you-can-eat’ format, but I was ready for just this:  two scoops of vanilla ice cream and some tasty chocolate sauce.  This meal was one of the few times in Scandinavia that we really felt we’d got a lot for our money, and it was just so delicious.  Maybe Saga will stop by in the next series of The Bridge – I certainly do my best thinking when I’m well fuelled.

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