Vegan Mofo: Plevel, Prague

Plevel (1)

Day Eight:  Reach out!  Make a new vegan friend and tell us about it!

When I visited Prague back in May, I popped into Veg Teg for a cake (and very nice it was, too). While I was eating, I got talking to the waitress and she recommended breakfast at Plevel. While she’s not a friend, she was a friendly vegan and links quite nicely to my next cooked breakfast!

There are four breakfast items on the menu in Plevel, but I knew I had to go for this one to add it to my Full English Championship.  Like the breakfast in Dophert, I’m not sure it’s quite as English as it could be – it’s very much the European take on an English breakfast, made healthier with that dollop of coleslaw.  Any Brit will tell you that there’s no need for a healthy element on this dish:  it’s supposed to be unashamedly greasy.  Besides that unnecessary touch, it was a good plate of food.

I always think roasted tomatoes are a bit superfluous when there are already beans on the plate, especially when there’s nothing potato based, as in this case.  Mushrooms, on the other hand, are always welcome, and these were nicely seasoned, which is something I always look out for.  The beans were just normal baked beans, and I dearly wish they hadn’t touched the scramble, but there wasn’t too much contamination.  The scramble was delicious and, once again, really well seasoned.  The sausages were tasty, and different from the usual ones we get in the UK, but a wee bit small.  And the bread was nice, but at risk of sounding greedy:  more, please!

Although this sounds critical, I really enjoyed it and will definitely order it again.  These are just the little tweaks I would make to bring it in line with my own personal ideal breakfast.  Plevel is probably my favourite restaurant in Prague, be it for breakfast, dinner or just a delicious raw cake.  As usual, this was food cooked to a high standard and it was really tasty.

Speed of service:  service is generally quite fast in this place, however busy they are.  When it was very quiet, I barely had to wait at all! 5/5

Value for money:  thanks to the wonderfully cheap standard of living in the Czech Republic, this works out at about £5, which is not too shabby.  4/5

Quality of cooking:  everything was well-prepared, and, most importantly, well-seasoned.  However, I like to be so full I don’t need to eat again until teatime after a Full English, so a bit more in the sausage/potato/bread department would have been nice.  3/5

Creativity:  I suppose the addition of coleslaw is creative, but it’s not the direction I would take an English breakfast in.  Less salad, more potato:  that’s my motto!  3/5

Total:  15/20

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8 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Plevel, Prague

  1. That looks like a really fabulous cooked breakfast. I remember going in that place in the summer, and I thought it was amazing. I wish I got a chance to enjoy their brekkie too, coleslaw and all!

  2. Jennifer says:

    WOW! That looks FAB!

  3. Caroline says:

    That does sound good though I’m not a big fan of coleslaw. I was surprised to see it on a breakfast!

    • Jenny says:

      I rarely eat coleslaw with a sandwich, so it was quite odd to see it at the breakfast table. This could have been my “weird food combo” as well!

  4. This looks like a great brekkie but you can tell it wasn’t served up in the UK! Also I am so with you on tomatoes being unnecessary in a full English.

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