Vegan Mofo: Fuel, Manchester


Day Eleven:  Focus on a Nutrient

When talking about Full English breakfasts, there’s only one nutrient I’m interested in: carbs!

Fuel in Withington is a wonderful meat-free cafe/bar with quirky and fun decor (including the prettiest painted tabletop you’ll ever see) and a lovely, lively atmosphere.  Despite the fact that it’s open all day, I’ve only ever been in for breakfast.  And I’ve been a few times for that.  It’s good.

The full vegan breakfast is £5.70 and consists of a grilled tomato, some fried mushrooms, sweet potato wedges, spicy beans, two sausages, wilted spinach and some toast.  Homemade beans are a really nice touch on a cooked breakfast plate, though these ones are perhaps a smidgen too spicy for me, especially alongside the fiery wedges too.  The vegetarian breakfast includes hash browns, but I think it’s nice to have a twist on that with the wedges.  I’m always rather “meh” towards a grilled tomato, but the mushrooms were good, and the spinach was really nicely cooked. Crucially, the beans were not very juicy, so there was no contamination to worry about.  The toast was nice, but the bread wasn’t remarkable.  Still, it was a good generous portion.


Alongside the usual hot drinks, Fuel also offers vegan smoothies.  I gambled on the mixed berry and passionfruit and it was so good and refreshing – it certainly cooled me down after the spicy elements of the breakfast!

Speed of service:  we were the first customers (it opens at 10am on the weekend) and it took about 10 minutes to rustle up our breakfasts.  Not bad at all!  4/5

Value for money:  a hearty plate of food for a reasonable price.  I was very satisfied and full after this.  5/5

Quality of Cooking:  the toast got cold a little too quickly, but I appreciate it’s difficult to juggle all the components of a dish like this.  4/5

Creativity:  there are some original elements here, like the spicy beans and wedges.  And some good vegetables as well, with the delicious spinach.  Nicer bread would have been, well, nice, but I can’t really grumble.  4/5

Total:  17/20

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6 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Fuel, Manchester

  1. Caroline says:

    Pleased to see Fuel on the list, they are always reliable in my experience and I love that they also do a breakfast burrito.

  2. Kelly says:

    “When talking about Full English breakfasts, there’s only one nutrient I’m interested in: carbs!”

    That made me laugh! Carbs for lyfe!

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