Vegan Mofo: Iydea, Brighton


Day Fourteen:  Share Something Vegan (and Delicious) with a Non-Vegan

Mr HH – sorry, Dr HH – isn’t quite vegan, yet. He is vegetarian and doesn’t eat eggs, so he’s not far off, and I’m quietly confident that he’ll give up cheese one day. But he’s the non-vegan with whom I share 90% of my dining experiences, and he joined me for the vegan breakfast at Iydea in Brighton back in March.

Iydea is just opposite Wai Kika Moo Kau and has quite a similar atmosphere.  It’s cosy inside, and the staff are super friendly and nice, and there’s some lovely artwork on the walls.  But it’s all about the food, of course!

We were very excited to try a cooked breakfast which listed avocado in the ingredients, and you can see a lovely mushroom, tomato and avocado stir-fry on the side of the plate.  It was really tasty, and so beautifully seasoned – I like a place that isn’t shy with the salt and pepper.  As there are tomatoes in the stir-fry, I don’t think it was necessary to have not one but two cooked tomatoes on the side.  Does anyone actually look forward to them?  I wish I’d had the sense to switch them for something else!

The vegetarian big breakfast comes with eggs, and we’d been expecting the vegan version to have a tofu scramble instead, so I was caught off guard when they waiter asked what I wanted as a replacement.  Fortunately I recovered my wits enough to get an extra hash brown, but it is a bit disappointing that there isn’t a tasty stand-in.  That said, the hash browns were the highlight of the meal – so crispy, and I think I detected a hint of chives in there too.  Lovely!  The sausages were surprisingly bland.  It’s nice to see homemade sausages on a menu, and the outside was lovely and crisp, but they needed some more herbs and seasoning and the texture was a little dry and crumbly.

It was just as well there were some beans on hand!  These were smoky beans, and the hint of paprika was really tasty (though my fellow felt they needed more punch).  Alongside the main plate was a slice of toast, which was nice but, you know, only one slice.


Of course, I went for a chai hot chocolate accompaniment which was heavy on top of the breakfast, but worth it.

Speed of service:  it’s a canteen-style set up, so all the hot food is there ready and waiting to be piled onto plates.  However, the speediness here meant that the main course arrived before the toast or the hot drinks, which is never ideal, so we’ll knock the score down a notch.  4/5

Value for money:  it was £6.95 for the big breakfast, and I’d say that’s about right – it was a hearty plate of food!  4/5

Quality of cooking:  the sausages were disappointing, but everything else was tasty good!  4/5

Creativity:  there were a pleasing number of homemade touches, making this a breakfast that can’t be duplicated in any other cafe.  The stir-fry was a lovely original touch, and the smoky beans were a definite winner for me.  But why ruin it all with two tomato halves?!  4/5

Total:  16/20

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12 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Iydea, Brighton

  1. omg I just stumbled onto this from looking at posts under “travel”, and then saw your post about vegan food in Brighton and had to comment/follow! I lived in Brighton for about a year, but have been gone for just over a year now! Planning a trip back there this December/Jan/Feb! Have you been to Gourmet Girls popup restaurant yet? Great post too, agree about the tomato halves- that just seems weird- but the chai hot chocolate there is fantastic!

    • Jenny says:

      Unfortunately I don’t live there either, I just make a once yearly pilgrimage for Vegfest! I hadn’t heard of Gourmet Girls, but I’ve tried some Titbits food at Vegfest and it was amazing, so I can imagine it being very good indeed!

  2. Caroline says:

    I’m never sure about hot avocado. I had battered avocado once in a restaurant in Manchester and hated it but that plate looks good so maybe I’d get on okay with it sans batter. I think I would have gone for chai hot chocolate too, sounds like the perfect drink.

    • Jenny says:

      I think it’s the only time I’ve had hot avocado, and it was really nice. But it would take something very serious for me to dislike avocado! The drink was lovely, I don’t think I’ve seen a chai hot chocolate since.

  3. lysette says:

    Weird they’d have homemade vegan sausage but no tofu scramble? I’d be happy with two tomatoes so they must be appealing to me 😉

    • Jenny says:

      I like tomatoes, but I think they could always be replaced by something else. They’re definitely the weakest link in the Full English breakfast for me!

  4. brugesvegan says:

    I wish we could have gone there when we were in Brighton, but the only time we had left to go, it was closed. Hopefully there will be a next time 🙂

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