Vegan in Brighton: Iydea (Again)

I often find myself stuck in the classic dilemma: should I revisit an eatery I know and love, or try somewhere new? Stick with my favourite dish, or gamble on another? When we were in Brighton this summer, we couldn’t resist – we just had to revisit the two breakfast spots we’d been to before, because they’re just that good. And I ordered the same dish as last time as well, because I knew I was in for a top notch breakfast. I’ve already mentioned our return to Wai Kika Moo Kau, and here we were back at Iydea as well.

Iydea’s a lovely little veggie cafe on a charming street in Brighton full of independent shops and cafes. Just like last time, Dr HH and I both got the vegan full English, and had no regrets at all. We had a really flavoursome tofu scramble with red onions, two delicious sage sausages, two crispy hash browns, an avocado, tomato, and mushroom hash, homemade beans, toast, and a little pot of spread (not pictured). It was an absolute feast, and there wasn’t really a weak element (though I was unlucky and only got 1 piece of avo in my hash – Dr HH was good enough to even things out though). So, how does it compare to our first visit? Well…

For one thing, clearing the lighting has improved! My complaints the first time around were about the tomato halves (one of my least favourite things on a breakfast plate, now mercifully removed), the sausages being a bit bland (now they’re super tasty), and there being no tofu scramble to replace the eggs that vegetarians got (and now there is a scramble!). I also grumbled about only getting one slice of toast, but this time I felt that was plenty.

So now I feel totally justified in revisiting old favourites to see what changes they’ve made – they might just have become even better!

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6 Responses to Vegan in Brighton: Iydea (Again)

  1. plumesworld says:

    I love Iydea, but I’ve only ever been for lunch

  2. onesonicbite says:

    This looks so good. But then again, I can never QUITE picture eating this for breakfast, is that bad? lol

  3. juliemokrzycki says:

    Looks delicious; that’s great that it’s improved since the last time you were there!

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