Vegan Mofo: Isa Does It (at Breakfast Time)

Coconut French Toast (10)

Day Eighteen:  Honour a Human who Inspires your Veganism

It could only be Isa, couldn’t it?  Isa Chandra Moskowitz, along with Terry Hope Romero, has written some of the greatest vegan cookbooks in the world.  My favourite is Isa Does It, which I’ve already talked about here and here, but let’s have a little reminder of all the amazing breakfasts she has introduced into my life.

Coconut French Toast (10)

It’s been a long time since I last made this coconut French toast.  Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water!  It’s another one of those that takes a while to make, and involves a bit of waiting around to have everything ready to serve at the same time, but it’s worth the effort.  I remember making this for my mum’s birthday breakfast last year, and she was very happy.  They’re really delicious with some fresh fruit.

Mediterranean Scramble (5)

And Isa introduced me to the tofu scramble!  This Mediterranean Scramble is what inspired Dr HH’s excellent breakfast creation.  The flavours are difficult to argue with!

Thai Scramble (9)

More exotic was this Thai Scramble.  It’s an overnight one, so the preparation is done the night before and it’s just a matter of heating it up in the morning.  Easy, exotic and flavoursome!  Generally, I prefer something sweet in the morning, but occasionally a fiery bit of curry is a fantastic start to the day.

Puffy Pillow Pancakes (13)

I’ve already talked about these puffy pillow pancakes this week – they’re lovely!


As are these carrot cake ones.  It’s such a simple way to add more flavour to pancakes.

Hash (11)

And back on a savoury note, the chipotle sausage hash was delicious.  Miso and tahini are great additions to the breakfast table, apparently!

All of Isa’s books are fantastic and have seen a lot of use in my house.  The recipes are solid and her introductions are always warm and funny, but my favourite thing is that they highlight how varied a vegan diet can be.  The recipes range from healthy to decadent, traditional dishes to exotic new combinations, from mock meat to vibrant veggies.  When people speculate that a vegan diet must be very limiting, I just want to show them my collection of cookbooks and watch them change their minds.  Making veganism accessible and easy is a great achievement, and I thank Isa for that!

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4 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Isa Does It (at Breakfast Time)

  1. Caroline says:

    Yay, I picked Isa and Terry too for today. I keep telling Matt I want to go on Surprise Surprise and meet Isa and for him to arrange it 😉 I’m reading your post sitting on the train to work and I’ve not had breakfast yet. It’s making me very hungry!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to post today, but I would have to honour Isa too – she really opened veganism to me (of course Post Punk Kitchen was my first vegan cookbook!)

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