Vegan Mofo: Moment, Prague (Part One)

Moment (1)

Day Twenty:  Veganise an Old Family Recipe

Pancakes weren’t a big part of my childhood.  We only really had them on Pancake Day, and even then only if my brother and I badgered our mum enough to persuade her into the kitchen.  Pancakes in those days were thin and crepe-like, served with lemon juice and sugar.  It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered thick, substantial pancakes, first of all when I was backpacking and banana pancakes were the ultimate breakfast in Asia, and then when I discovered Simon Rimmer’s recipe using cottage cheese to make nice American-style pancakes.  And finally last year I discovered the joys of vegan pancakes.

So this isn’t really a family recipe, but I’ve eaten pancakes throughout my life, and here they are as served to me in a cafe in Prague.  Ordering pancakes can be quite a gamble, as you never really know what to expect.  I certainly hadn’t expected to get four tiddly little pancakes on this plate, but they were so cute and tasty, and dotted with nice gooey chocolate chips.  There was a veritable mountain of cream on the plate, but also one of my five a day in the banana, so it was still comfortably healthy.  Ah, this was a good breakfast!  It’s no longer on the menu in Moment, which is a really nice vegan cafe just a few minutes from my flat in Prague.  But its replacement will be mentioned tomorrow, so stay tuned for more vegan Moments!

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4 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Moment, Prague (Part One)

  1. I’d be very happy with that for breakfast (admittedly, I could probably eat two helpings, but still!)

  2. Caroline says:

    Ooh that looks like a real treat for breakfast. Great that they had chocolate chips in them.

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