Pick 3…Things To Eat at Prague Vegefest


It’s no secret that I loved participating in Vegan MoFo, so I was delighted when Jennifer at My Blissful Journey set up a little off-season MoFo community of friendly, dedicated bloggers.  She’s set us a little MoFo-esque prompt to get us started, and it’s sufficiently open to allow us all to interpret it as we like:  Pick 3 Things.  Well, picking three things is precisely what I did at Vegefest Food Festival in Prague a couple of weekends ago:  I picked three tasty plates of food, and here they are in all their glory.


First of all, this delicious raw sushi plate from Raw Deli (note:  all the food purchased at the festival fed three people.  I was not just extremely gluttonous that day).  The fresh vegetable sushi roll was, according to my mum, crunchy and light.  The walnut rolls that Dr HH and I had were really flavoursome, with a walnut pate in the centre with the veg.  The three big rice paper parcels were tied with a chive, which was a great touch.  My mum loves all things beetroot, so she had the pinkish one on the far side.  Although it didn’t taste strongly of beetroot, she said it was really nice.  The carrot and vegetables parcels were so good:  soft, squishy, but surprisingly easy (non-messy) to eat.


Next, we got this tapas board from Piknik.  What a spread!  They served a few vegetarian things, but gave us a fully vegan plate.  There were two kinds of skewers:  two with a generous mix of vegetables, two with just aubergine and potato.  They were really nicely cooked, and tasted very coconutty:  perhaps that was the oil they were cooked in.  There were also three falafels, which were surprisingly sweet – a little too sweet for my mum, but I enjoyed them.  There was a helping of a peppery butterbean salad, which was fantastic, and three thin, toasted crispbreads with five dips:  delicious green lentils; one that looked gingery but tasted of licorice; a dark brown chutney; some refried beans; and a pinkish hummus, which I think was generally the favourite.  We also got a jar of chutney to take home as well, so I feel like we did very well!



And finally, it was time for dessert, and we returned to Raw Deli for that.  My mum and Dr HH had the blueberry cheesecake.  They agreed that it wasn’t quite as tart as they would have liked, but had good, juicy berries.  Unfortunately, they both got a bit of nutshell in the base, but they were undeterred.  I had the chocolate cheesecake, and felt like I won that round:  it was chocolatey without being too rich.  Both varieties had a delicious base, but the mix itself was too heavy on the cream cheese – the balance wasn’t quite perfect.  Nevertheless, we left with happy, full bellies, and I’m looking forward to visiting Raw Deli proper in the city centre.


The festival itself was really good, with an impressive array of stands and good family entertainment.  I managed to pick up some soy candles, which made me insanely happy, and had a nice chai latte as well.  I’m already starting to panic that I might miss next year’s Vegfest in Brighton, so it’s good to know that Prague has some festival options to sustain me.  I might start a campaign to lure Ms Cupcake out here for the next one!

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7 Responses to Pick 3…Things To Eat at Prague Vegefest

  1. Jennifer says:

    OMG! Everything looks heavenly! I sure wish I was there with you! YUM! Thanks so much for linking up on PICK 3!!!!! We also have a weekly MidWeek Munchies link-up we just started if you want to jump in! The current one is open thru Tuesday!

  2. Caroline says:

    That all looks great and I’m especially impressed with the inventiveness of those sushi fillings! I’ve used cashews before but would not have thought of walnuts.

  3. that all looks amazing– shame about the nutshell but I can see myself eating those cakes pretty fast regardless 🙂

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