Vegan in Bath: Green Rocket Cafe

Day Six Bath (11)

Looking at the blue sky in that photo, it’s clear that this was a long time ago.  After a gloomy weekend in Prague, I’d love to see the sky like that again!  Last year, Dr HH and I spent the summer visiting places in the UK we had previously neglected.  On our way home from Cornwall, we broke the drive with a stop in Bath.  I was rather shocked at how many tourists there were, but I can certainly see the attraction – it was a charming little place.  And fortunately, it’s also vegan friendly!

Day Six Bath (4)

We went to Green Rocket Cafe for a bite to eat.  It was a nice little place, with this rather interesting sign on the wall.  The menu was really inviting, for both vegetarians and vegans.

Day Six Bath (7)

It was a hot summery day, so I went for the raw spaghetti, which is available as either a starter or main.  Oh, it was good:  refreshing courgette noodles in a light, tasty tomato sauce.  There was lots of flavour and a really nice texture.  This was just the starter – I was saving room for cake.

Day Six Bath (5)

There was an extensive list of cakes and baked goods on a blackboard on the wall, and everything available that day had a tick next to it.  (A few people seemed to struggle to grasp that, and kept having their hopes dashed whenever they tried to order.)  I went and had a look at the cakes before ordering anything, because that’s the kind of person I am, and when I saw that there was only one peanut butter and chocolate blondie I had to order it immediately.  It arrived before the spaghetti did, and the waitress told me it was a smart move on my part, as someone else had just tried to order it.  YES!  Of course, that meant I had to endure a long wait before I could eat it, but that just made the event itself more enjoyable.  Actually, it could have done with a bit more chocolate, but there was a fantastic crust and a lovely sticky peanut butteriness to it.  I’d be quite happy to have another one of these today – and the lovely weather that accompanied it!

(P.S. I have finally joined Instagram!  I have no idea how people get anything done when there are so many fantastic photos of vegan food right at their fingertips.  I’m herbivores_heaven, come and say hello!)

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6 Responses to Vegan in Bath: Green Rocket Cafe

  1. onesonicbite says:

    I had no idea people still smoke opium! Seems like the retro-hipster drug addiction.

  2. I do like Bath, particularly its vegan friendliness. I’m so impressed that you ordered the brownie before dinner – that’s the right way to do it!

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