Vegan Package Swap: New Jersey

Package Swap (3)

Back in March I posted about my love of package swaps, and I arranged an exchange with fellow blogger Jennifer from One Raw Bite.  She sent me all of these delicious goods from New Jersey and I had a marvellous time eating my way through them!

Package Swap (5)

I had never had matzos before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these.  For anyone else who is uninformed, they were big crackers, coated in dark chocolate and sprinkles.  They were so good!  These were the first things we tried from the package, enjoying them with a cup of tea and Game of Thrones.

Package Swap (6)

I love hot chocolate, but I don’t know of any vegan instant versions in the UK or Europe.  These packets were perfect for me!  The 6 Spice mix was actually a little too fiery for me, but the traditional one was perfect.

Package Swap (7)

Of course, these are the things that excited me the most.  I’ve had Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups before, but think I prefer these new-to-me Justin’s ones, with darker chocolate.  The gold peanut butter cup at the top was solid with nutty pieces, rather than filled with gooey butter as I’d expected, but it was still tasty.  The Larabar was amazing, like a raw Snickers.  Speaking of which, the Jokerz bar is the vegan version of the Snickers.  I’ve had the Mars before and loved it, and this was just as good.  I also enjoyed the Mahalo (vegan Bounty).  Whoever invented these was definitely onto a winner!  No No’s are vegan M&Ms, and I’ve had them just once before.  They are also delightful.  It’s so great being able to have these familiar sweets in a cruelty-free way.

Package Swap (8)

I love Manner wafers, but not all varieties are vegan.  Actually, the middle packet here (vanilla cream) contain milk powder, which I noticed before eating them.  The others were great, though.  They make a really good snack.  Downside:  they also make a lot of crumbs.

Package Swap (14)

And onto the savouries.  The Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg has been the talk of the vegan community lately, and I was delighted to finally get my hands on some.  I decided to make a simple scramble as part of a nice weekend breakfast – unfortunately, I overcooked it a bit and it was a little rubbery.  Every picture I’ve seen on social media looks better than this one, so don’t let my photo deter you from trying this product.  It was nice, but to be honest I prefer tofu scrambles now.  If I can track down some more, I’ll try to make an omelette instead.

Package Swap (10)

Package Swap (11)

And here I had two different kinds of mac and cheese mix.  The pizza one was a bit weird – it was nice and creamy, but the taste was just strange. The Earth Balance one was better, it had both texture and taste.

Package Swap (15)

The Pad Thai pot noodle was great for an emergency (eg. when I was too lazy to cook on a Saturday).  It was flavoursome and fast, and that’s exactly what you’d want from this kind of thing.

Package Swap (16)

Deliciously Ella Classic Stir Fry

And finally this soybean spaghetti, which is packed with protein.  We used it in a stir fry, and thought they had a little less bite than we’d like – but probably because we overcooked them!  Anyway, they were really nice and it’s always good to have another source of protein up your sleeve.

I absolutely loved this package swap!  I got some new and exciting treats, and lots of good chocolate and peanut butter combinations.  This has made me more excited about the possibility of a trip to the USA, even though it doesn’t fit into our plans for the next year or two.

Of course, I’m now on the lookout for my next package swap!  I’ll be in the UK again soon, so if any readers from around the world are interested in some good British vegan treats, let me know!

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9 Responses to Vegan Package Swap: New Jersey

  1. That looks incredible! I’d be so happy if a great big package of vegan interestingness dropped through my letterbox. I’ve read people raving about both the vegan egg and Justin’s, I’d be delighted to try them both!

    • Jenny says:

      Even the Cleo’s peanut butter cups are a novelty to me still, I usually only find them at vegan fairs in the UK, and not at all in Prague. If you want a European vegan package, I’m heading back to Prague in August for another year, so let me know!

  2. onesonicbite says:

    Sorry about the one non-vegan wafers. It always boggles me when companies have same product but some flavors aren’t vegan. I kind-of jumped to the conclusion that they were all vegan.

    And I am glad you liked the chocolate matzo. I am not sure if it made all year round, but it is seasonal in this area for Passover. I am glad you like most of the treats (I guess Pizza Mac and Cheese are a very American sort of flavor XD) It has been fun. I will posting my snacks soon on the blog.

    • Jenny says:

      I can’t really remember what I sent, so I’m looking forward to seeing it! Don’t worry about the wafers, I enjoyed the other flavours a lot. Let me know if you want a package from the UK while I’m home!

  3. I looove the Earth Balance boxed mac & cheese and I’m so with you on liking the Justin’s PB cups more than Cleo’s.

  4. Wow, what a great swap package. I dream of the day when vegan instant hot choc is widely available in the UK! I have come across a company called Sweet Revolution online who I think are in Yorkshire and do a coconut milk based one and also some other interesting looking things like instant turmeric latte but I’ve not come across them in any shops yet.

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