Vegan in Prague: Puro

Prague Day 1 (15)

When I arrived in Prague last summer, mid-heatwave, Puro was exactly what I needed for three reasons:

a) the food was raw, fresh and cold

b) they had an outdoor ice cream stand

c) the staff occasionally came outside with a spray bottle and spritzed water in the faces of the (willing) patrons.  It was seriously hot.

Prague Day 1 (14)

Feast your eyes on some of the delicious food I ate in the summer, starting with this raw spaghetti, the staple of raw menus.  The dressing was good and zingy, and a plate of cold courgette noodles was heaven.

Prague Day 1 (15)

And have a look at these fresh spring rolls!  The seaweed roll tasted amazing, but the seaweed wrapper was a little harder to bite through than the standard spring roll wrapper, so it was a bit challenging.  One of the clear rolls was full of vegetables, the other had some smoky tofu in, and that was definitely the best one.  The dipping sauce was thick and peanutty, just the way I like ’em.

Prague Day Two (11)

We also managed some cooked food as well, Dr HH sampling this burger, which we enjoyed.

Prague Day Two (12)

And I had this wrap, which was also good…though not quite on par with the spring rolls.

Karlstein Hike 001

The sushi was also delicious!

Prague Day 1 (11)

Here’s the ice cream stand, only open during the summer months.  You get to make a bespoke ice cream:  they start with a little pot of plain ice cream, then you can choose a combination of nuts and fruit (raspberries, mango, coconut, cashews, etc) to mix it with in the machine.  And out it comes on top of your cone!

Prague Day 1 (18)

This was so fruity and good on a summer’s day.  It was one of those times when it was agony waiting to take a photo before diving in!

Puro Jambalaya (1)

The menu changed a bit for winter, with more cooked dishes and more cakes for dessert.  I didn’t go for any eat-in meals during winter, as they aren’t usually open by the time Dr HH gets in from work (and are closed at weekends), and he would kill me if I went without him.  However, we managed to go recently for a sneaky weekday lunch.  Dr HH had this jambalaya with shrimp, and thought it was flavoursome and good.

Puro Bean Kiev (1)

I think I won though, with these beany kievs.  They were so crispy on the outside, and a little buttery in the centre.  Beautiful!  A vegan kiev is quite the rarity, so I’m glad I got my hands on these.

Puro July (2)

Puro July (1)

Now we’ve been in Prague for almost a year, the outdoor seating and ice cream stand are back in business.  We popped in for lunch last Friday and enjoyed an extremely hearty pasta and ‘bacon’ dish (it looks really dry, but there’s loads of tomato sauce and black olives hiding underneath) and the ultimate beefless burger (a good, meaty patty, but far too saucy).

Puro July (3)

And more ice cream, of course!

Karlstein Hike 014

Prague Day Two (1)

Despite being such a small place, it’s also a well-stocked shop, where I pick up my Field Roast supplies.  It also sells Tofurkey products, Vego chocolate, ice cream, chocolate spread, biscuits, vegannaise, sour cream, Cliff and Nakd bars, and even B12 supplements.  It’s a great little vegan shop, in short.

I’m looking forward to more summery visits to Puro in August – and plenty more ice cream!

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7 Responses to Vegan in Prague: Puro

  1. onesonicbite says:

    I love ice cream season! Too bad there aren’t too many vegan ice cream shops in the area. I should really bust out the ice cream maker.

    Nothing is nicer than something cool during the summer months for dinner.

  2. Caroline says:

    This place looks fantastic and the create your own ice cream flavour is a brilliant idea!

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