Vegan in Prague: Five Sweet Finds in/around Vinohrady

Last week I introduced you to my top vegan sweet treats in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This week I’m shining the spotlight on my adopted city, Prague!  Unfortunately, this time I haven’t got a short and snappy name for the area I’m covering:  technically, these places are not all in Vinohrady, but they’re all approximately a five minute walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad Metro station.  This area is generally very good indeed for vegan food, but I’m just focusing on the most important food group: dessert.

1.Moment Cafe (Slezská 62)

Moment Choc Orange Strawberry Vanilla (2)

This is my go-to place for cake in Prague (as regular readers may remember).  When we first arrived, it was one of the few places we knew of that had baked cakes – Prague has a multitude of raw restaurants, but sponge cakes can be few and far between.  Even now that we have more options, this is still our first choice, always.  Moment has at least 6 options every day, usually a combination of layer cakes, cheesecakes and brownies.  You will be spoiled for choice!  The cafe is 100% vegan, and does a good range of hot drinks too – the hot chocolate is excellent.

2.Donut Shop (nám. J. z Poděbrad 1658/11)

When we returned to Prague in August after our summer holiday, we were delighted to find that a vegan-friendly donut shop had just opened in our neighbourhood.  They have three or four fluffy vegan donuts every day (clearly labelled, and the staff know their stuff), both ring and filled varieties, and they’ve got plant milk for hot drinks too.  We’ve already been more times than I should probably admit. That lavender donut has me hooked!

3.Coffee Room (Korunní 1208/74)

Coffee Room is another one that I only discovered after the summer holiday, so we have some catching up to do!  As well as a variety of vegan-friendly, avocado-based breakfasts, they also serve up 3-4 vegan cakes daily. It’s a really pleasant place to relax and nurse a hot drink and slice of cake, though unfortunately the outdoor seating looks out onto quite a busy road.

4.Puro (Vinohradská 2030/44)

I’ve mentioned Puro once or twice before – they have hot chocolate so thick you can eat it with a spoon, and always a tempting display case of baked and raw desserts.  If you need any more reason to visit, they also sell chocolate bars, biscuits and ice cream so you can continue indulging your sweet tooth in the comfort of your own home/hotel room.

5.Mamacoffee (nám. J. z Poděbrad 12)

Mama Coffee (1)

There are several branches of Mamacoffee dotted around the city, including this tiny one in the square at JzP.  It has  both indoor and outdoor seating, and at least one vegan cake every day, such as these little chocolate bundt cakes or cinnamon rolls. They also have soy milk for hot drinks.  The main branch in Prague 1 (reviewed here) has multiple vegan cakes on offer, if you’re venturing further afield.


Which of these sweet spots would be top of your list in Prague?


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9 Responses to Vegan in Prague: Five Sweet Finds in/around Vinohrady

  1. Incredible! It looks like you had a fantastic time! 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂 Now I know where to go if I’m ever in Prague. I think I would go straight to Donut Shop if I was visiting 🙂 Although I’m very tempted by Moment Cafe too 🙂 It all looks glorious 😀

  2. Moment Cafe would have to be top of my list. That pink layer cake looks so perfect!

  3. Hot chocolate so thick you can eat with a spoon? I’m booking my plane ticket right now! Seriously, you’ve turned up some really good sweet treats in Prague. I’m drooling a little bit here.

  4. onesonicbite says:

    That lavender donut looks AMAZING!

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