Vegan in Manchester: Five Sweet Finds in the Northern Quarter


It’s no secret that I love Manchester, my home base whenever I’m back in the UK.  I especially love how easy it is to find vegan desserts there! In the hip and trendy Northern Quarter it becomes especially easy to find a little cruelty-free treat, so today I’m sharing five of my favourite spots in that one little corner of the city.  (Please note there are many more than just these five options, but these are my personal top choices.)

1.Foundation Coffee House (Sevendale House, Lever Street)

Foundation Manchester

The first time I went to Foundation they had three different vegan cakes in, much to my delight.  (The second time it was their first day opening after Christmas and they only had one cake in the whole place and seemed confused as to whether it was vegan or gluten-free, but I understand that in normal circumstances they are well-stocked and well-labelled.)  This chocolate almond cake in particular is definitely a winner.  The cafe is really huge and light, but the acoustics can be a bit of a nightmare.

2.Oak Street Cafe (17 Oak Street)

Oak St Cafe

This little cafe inside the Manchester Craft and Design Centre is a great find.  They have vegan soups on the menu, and there’s always at least one vegan cake to be found.  This was the biggest slice of tiffin I have ever seen, and I struggled to get through it.  I did it though, somehow.  After you’ve eaten, it’s worth having a little potter around the shops as well – it’s a really lovely little shopping centre full of independent art galleries and jewellery makers, and more.

3. Fig & Sparrow (20 Oldham Street)


Fig & Sparrow is a lovely little cafe and gift shop in the Northern Quarter that always has a vegan cake on offer, along with a selection of non-dairy milks for their hot drinks and a few breakfast and light meal options.  If you’re lucky, they’ll have a vegan pecan brownie:  probably the best brownie I’ve ever had.

4. Ginger’s Comfort Emporium (Afflecks, Church Street)

We discovered the GCE ice cream van at Levy Market a few years ago, when their only vegan option combined two of my least favourite things:  watermelon and chilli. Dr HH tried their dairy ice cream, the famous Chorlton Crack (peanut butter and salted caramel). Since then he has raved about it on an almost daily basis, and he finally wore me down and convinced me to visit their regular establishment in Afflecks Palace and see if their vegan options were more to my liking.  And, lo:  they have veganised Chorlton Crack!  It is perhaps the most delicious ice cream you will ever try.  Cones aren’t vegan, but you don’t really need anything else with it.  If you can handle two scoops, you’re my hero.

5.BonBon Chocolate Boutique (9 John Street)

Not only is the hot chocolate vegan in this cute little cafe, but they’ve also really upped their baked vegan goods range in the last few years.  This salted peanut brownie was really rich, as you would expect from a place specialising in chocolate!  They also often have vegan skull cookies and plenty of truffles to choose from.

Which place would be top of your list for a vegan treat?

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15 Responses to Vegan in Manchester: Five Sweet Finds in the Northern Quarter

  1. brencation says:

    omg! I study in Manchester and I’ve been looking for good vegan cafes to try! This is so helpful thanks! ❤

  2. Super! I will have to travel to Manchester one day! You’ve done a great job showing off the attractions! 🙂 Delightful! ❤

  3. That chocolate almond cake looks delish’ and BonBon chocolate boutique sounds right up my street. I hope that I get to visit one day.

  4. onesonicbite says:

    I love that photo of the hot chocolate. I’m not a huge hot chocolate fan either, but it is nice to get some in a shop on a snowy day.

  5. Sign me up for two scoops of Chorlton crack stat! I am now Googling train fares to Manchester, and it’s this post’s fault!

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  7. dariankaybakes says:


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