Vegan MoFo 2016: Vegan in Prague


I moved to Prague in August 2015, and I love it here!  It’s not the perfect place, but it has a lot going for it, including a thriving vegan scene.

Dox 009

The Dox Gallery is one of my top recommendations in Prague, even though I’ve only been once.  We only stumbled upon it when I read about an exhibition called HateFree? that was taking place there.  The Czech Republic is not a very racially diverse place, nor is it very welcoming to refugees.  There are fairly frequent anti-Islam and Pegida rallies, which are sometimes attended by the president, and a lot of my students who seem really warm and kind sometimes come out with racist comments so casually that it takes my breath away.  So I felt like this could be an interesting exhibition.

Dox 019

And it was indeed. We learned about an extremely unpopular pig farm built on a Roma Holocaust site, hate mail sent to the parents of the Czech Republic’s first quintuplets (born to a non-white family, alas) and an initiative that gives homeless people the chance to cook food for other homeless people.

And the rest of the gallery turned out to be just as good.

Dox 004

Dox 005

Dox 006

The Supermarket of the Dead exhibition was fantastic:  lots of paper replicas of real items that are burned in China to send them to relatives in the afterlife.  Who wouldn’t want a gun with them in the afterlife?  Or a bucket of KFC, or a packet of batteries?!

Dox 003

There was also an exhibition about the evils of money.  I enjoyed these $2 bill pigs, as well as nooses made from cash.  Most interesting of all were some photographs of slave labour in different countries around the world, including Nigerian prostitutes working in the wilderness outside Rome and child labourers in a leather factory, with a warning about knowing where these dirt-cheap clothes come from.

Dox 010

The outside terrace has a view of the rotating red skull pictured up top, and a Jesus made of shoes.

Dox 014

And on the upper floors there was an exhibition based on Brave New World, which was suitably creepy.  It featured plastic dolls whizzing up and down tubes, leading up to a baby conditioning centre which was just awful – which means it was really well done!

Dox 007

I know absolutely nothing about art, and I only like things that look pretty or things that give me something to think about:  all of the exhibitions here covered the latter, so I would really recommend it.  It was 180kr each, and well worth the money.

And on the food front:  here is a year in cake from my favourite supplier, Moment.  There are a lot of treats here, but in my defence it’s actually more than a year and it’s from two people, so this is definitely an acceptable amount of cake, thank you very much.  Moment is the best cafe in Prague: they always have about six cakes to choose from, and they’re pretty much always excellent!



Chai latte cheesecake:  so flavoursome.  The chocolate layer on top really makes it.

Moment Gingerbread Cheesecake

Gingerbread cheesecake:  it looks almost the same, but it’s different, I promise.  It was really good and gingery!

Moment Choc Coconut Mousse

Chocolate coconut mousse cake:  small, but sublime!

Moment Choco Mousse Whipped Cream

Chocolate mousse with whipped cream:  this was every bit as good as decadent as it looks.  Oh for a crunchy base, though!


Coconut cheesecake:  a weird texture, not very smooth and creamy.  A bit more base would have been nice too.  Great flavour though.

Moment Choc Orange Cake

Chocolate orange cheesecake:  so decadent!



Moment Molehill Cake

Molehill cake:  this is a traditional Czech cake, consisting of a spongy chocolate layer, sliced banana, a mountain of cream and some chocolate crumbs on top.  Unsurprisingly, it’s very good.


Cherry and poppyseed:  Czechs love a good poppyseed sponge!  Despite being a little burned on top, this was lovely.

Moment Poppy Seed and Plum

Plum and poppy seed cake:  this, on the other hand, was really weird, and didn’t taste of either plums or poppy seeds.  This one now always gets a definite no from me.




Coffee and cardamom:  it contains coffee beans, so there’s plenty of flavour for all you coffee lovers.


Coffee, cardamom and chocolate:  the coffee flavour only came from the decorative coffee beans, so even a coffee-hater like me could probably have handled this one.

Moment Choc Coffee

Chocolate coffee cake:  reportedly a good strong flavour.

Moment Coffee Cake

Coffee cake:  this looked so inviting that I hoped it would have a really mild coffee flavour so I could enjoy it too.  Alas, it tastes very much of coffee.  Coffee-lovers, rejoice, I suppose.


Moment Matcha Cake

Matcha cake, two ways:  finally onto the good, tea-based stuff!  This cake always has a fantastic texture.  The green icing is more appealing, of course.




Raspberry:  simple, fruity and delicious!


Blueberry cake:  it looks really fun with that bright blue icing!  I hate blueberries too much to try it, but Dr HH said it actually wasn’t that fruity.

Moment Orange and Lemon Triple 001

Orange and lemon triple layer cake:  vibrant and zingy!

Moment Pina Colada

Pina colada cake:  a sure sign that summer had arrived!

Moment Blackcurrant Cake

Blackcurrant cake:  I hate Ribena with a fiery passion, but I loved this!  It was really fruity, in both the sponge and the icing.

Moment Choc Salt Lemon Cake

The chocolate lemon salt cake:  it would have been so good with just a little sprinkling of salt.  As it was, the big salt crystals were a bit too much.  Chocolate and lemon were a winning combination, though, and the icing was spectacular.

Moment 004

Strawberry and vanilla:  pretty, tasty and triple-layered.


Moment 005

Moment Choc Orange Cake Again

Chocolate orange cake, in three different forms:  this is always a winner, however it’s presented.

Moment Banana Cake (2)

Moment Choc Banana Cake (2)

Chocolate banana cake, two ways:  a really good chocolate sponge sandwiched with gooey and delicious banana cream.  And a sturdier, perhaps better one with gooey banana slices in the middle.

Moment Pineapple Walnut Coconut Cake

The pineapple, coconut and walnut cake needed to amp up those flavours, but it was good and moist.

Moment Lemon Cake

Lemon cake:  fresh and zingy!

Moment Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Banana chocolate chip cake:  the best of both worlds, fruit and chocolate.

Moment Fig and Vanilla Cake (1)

Fig and vanilla:  the only contribution from the fig was the decoration on top.  I’d have happily left it off and just called it a vanilla cake.

Moment Baobab Choc Chip (1)

Baobab and chocolate chip cake:  I have no idea what baobab really is, but this was sweet and delicious.


Orange and lemon cake:  fruity, light and perfect!


Chocolate and strawberry:  so pretty!




Lemon and basil cake:  it’s green!  Also, good.

Moment Mint Chocolate Cake

Mint chocolate cake, could have been mintier, but one of their better chocolate sponges.


Coffee and hazelnut, apple and cinnamon:  both flavoursome and creamy.

Moment Fennel and Anise Cake

Fennel and anise:  an unusual flavour, but a delicious one!  It was subtle enough to be enjoyable, and it was really nicely baked.  As usual, top notch cream.

Moment Gingerbread and Raspberry (1)

Gingerbread and raspberry:  the sponge was absolute perfection, and the only thing I would change would be to add a thicker layer of chocolate on top.  It was beautiful!

Dox 023

Rosemary and apricot cake:  both flavours could have been stronger, but still a nice slice of cake.

Moment Cinnamon and Raisin Cake

Cinnamon and raisin cake:  great sponge and flavour.

Moment Speculoos Cake (2)

Speculoos cake (it’s basically cinnamon):  delicious!




Chocolate hazelnut:  with a layer of chocolate on top!  Just delicious!

Moment Walnut Cake (2)

Walnut cake:  sweet and creamy!

Moment Hazelnut and Vanilla (1)

Hazelnut and vanilla cake:  we shared a slice of this, but I wish I’d had a full portion.  It was sensational!

Moment Choc Almond (2)

Moment Almond Choc Cake

Chocolate almond cake, two ways on two days:  it tasted a bit of marzipan, thank to the almonds, and had a good bake.  The icing was sensational!


Chocolate peanut butter:  not as gooey and sticky as you’d hope.

Moment Choc Peanut Butter GF

Gluten free chocolate peanut butter:  much more like it!

Moment Coconut Cake

Moment Coconutty Cake

Coconut cake, two ways:  one of the best, for its moistness.

Moment Choc Coconut Cake Again

Chocolate coconut layer cake:  simply delicious!

Moment Choco Coco Cake

Gluten free chocolate and coconut cake:  the sponge was a bit dry, but the cream on top was sublime.  That is my kind of cake ratio.


Giganto chocolate coconut cake:  it was described to us as a “skyscraper”, as all cakes should be.

Moment Poppy Seed Cake (2)

Poppy seed:  again, that is my kind of ratio.



Moment Choc Chip Cake

Chocolate chip cake:  gloriously thick chunks of chocolate.  Delicious!

Moment Choco Cake

Chocolate cake:  rich and indulgent, but a wee bit dry.

Moment Carob Cake

Carob cake: it didn’t taste strongly of anything, but it was perfectly pleasant.

Moment Peanut Brownie (1)

A chocolate peanut butter brownie, for that rare day when I don’t want a huge slab.

Moment Sweet Cup

Sweet cup:  occasionally we branch out and have deconstructed cake and cream in a cup.  It’s amazing, but it fills you up, so be warned!

That is a lot of cake!  Which one would you order?

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21 Responses to Vegan MoFo 2016: Vegan in Prague

  1. Emma says:

    So much cake! Wow! I’m jealous of all your cake. That deconstructed cake in a cup looks amazing, I would totally order it and eat until I felt poorly!

    • Jenny says:

      In light of all the cake we’ve eaten, I’ve actually put us under a cake ban from the GBBO final until we go home for Christmas. We’re still debating whether the sweet cup counts as a cake.

  2. Shaheen says:

    OMG so much cake in Prague, I was going to comment on the museum but you cake pictures distracted me. So much cake, i thought there was no end to this blog post 🙂 The museum exhibition is very poignant for this time, you are so right that the Czech are not the most diverse and welcoming of migrants – ironic as many Czech EU are in the UK and many recent victims of hate because of BREXIT. I have a good friend who is actually Czech and married to a Bangladeshi man and says she would never take him back to the CR because it is overtly racist and she would fear for him. I will have to tell her of this Hate Exhibition she will be interested.

    • Jenny says:

      My partner is a Sikh and he finds it a bit difficult here, but still enjoyable for the most part, so I hope your friend and her husband won’t be too discouraged. But it’s certainly a big difference from the multicultural society in the UK.

  3. Blueberries says:

    Wow that is alot of cake! And an amazing level of cake analysis!

  4. You’ve just single handedly persuaded me that I need to get back to Prague as soon as possible, if only for the cake (and the art too!) I love any kind of coffee cake, so I’m taking that one please!

  5. Kelly says:

    Stop — I’m drooling! I visited Moment three times during a three-ish day trip to Prague, so I feel you on the Moment love!

  6. Wow! I can’t believe how many cakes there are. It’s a good thing Moment only has a few on the menu at once because I’d be stumped with all these options. What to order? The pina colada cake, the chocolate banana, the baobab and chocolate chip cake (it looks weird and delicious), hazelnut vanilla or hazelnut chocolate, or coconut cake?? Oh man!

  7. Wow, spectacular assortment of cakes! The rosemary apricot and lemon basil both look very tempting.

  8. onesonicbite says:

    OMG SO MANY CAKES! I don’t even know where to start- that gingerbread cheesecake?! I need in my life. Don’t like blueberries?! Well, I understand a little, I don’t like commercial blueberries. If you are in states and ever see wild blueberries- try them. They are the best. They aren’t a fleshy and watery. I am googling molehill cake recipes, maybe I will make one this Christmas… maybe XD It looks like Europe has much more interesting cake flavors! The US like to make fun decorations rather than play with flavors. Plus I think we like donuts more than cake sometimes XD

    Yes, I am surprised by racism in Europe. I think it is weird because I had to explain to my Mother-in-Law what the big deal was for Brexit. It had LOTS of racism motivating it, and all she said was that she heard immigration was a big issue in England. Even when Trump won the election she seemed baffled by how many protests there were. My husband and I were just like “dude! racism!” *sigh*

    Anyways, that exhibit looks awesome. It looks very anti-capitalist, which I am not sure if I think the world will ever leave capitalism, I find the philosophy really interesting.

    • Jenny says:

      A lot of my Czech students and friends are also surprised when I mention that I think racism is a problem here. It’s such a white city that most people don’t know anyone who’s been a victim of racism and they don’t think the racist attitude really manifests itself.

      Onto happier topics: I’ll be interested to see the results if you make a mole cake! They really are delicious. And if it’s any consolation, vegan donuts are so scarce that they’re virtually non-existent in most cities I’ve visited in Europe and the UK, so you guys are definitely winning on that front!

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