MiniMoFo: A Love Affair with Pizza


February’s MiniMoFo prompt is the colour red, in keeping with the romantic mood this month.  I was racking my brains thinking of a red meal I’d had at a restaurant that I could review, when Dr HH pointed out the obvious:  pizza!  Not only is it red (at least partially), but I also love it, so it’s a good Valentine’s Day choice.  Here are some of my top vegan pizza choices.


On our second date, Dr HH and I went to Dough in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  It was my first ever vegan pizza, and it was delicious!  The restaurant also serves meat and dairy, but they make it clear which things can be veganised and have nice cheese options.  I usually go for the mushroom pizza, but one time I clearly went crazy and had lots of veg too.


Also in Manchester, never overlook HOME, the independent cinema with its own restaurant.  There are two vegan pizza options on the menu, though I’ve only tried this one.  Pine nuts on a pizza are always classy.


The Deaf Institute also has a vegan flatbread pizza on the menu, and Dr HH ordered it while we were home over Christmas.  It was really tasty, and he was a fan of the cashew cream on the side.


In Prague, we usually get out pizza at Pizzeria Manna, which has a separate vegan build-your-own pizza menu.  They have the best cheese ever – read more in my full blog post over here.


And I once had a cauliflower pizza at Puro (a great vegan cafe here in Prague – read all about it here). The base was cauliflower, rather than bread, and it was very good indeed.


We’ve had a few pizzas on the road too, starting with this one at Trattoria Ponte Verde in Berlin.  As usual, I played it relatively safe with just mushrooms and olives.


And I was absolutely giddy to try my first vegan calzone at O Mamma Mia in Stockholm back in summer 2014.  Cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and ham:  never a bad combination.


And at Christmas 2015 I had this amazing meat feast pizza at Napfenyes Etterem in Budapest – possibly the best pizza I’ve had!  (Read more here.)



Last year I also discovered the joys of vegan frozen pizza.  I picked this up at the World Vegan shop in Prague, and it has become my treat if I’m having a night in alone.  The cheese is nice, but I’m all about the ham pieces:  delicious!

What’s your number one vegan pizza spot? Let me know if there’s somewhere I really need to try!

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7 Responses to MiniMoFo: A Love Affair with Pizza

  1. Nods says:

    Picky Wops in Fulham has the best vegan pizza in London with a separate vegan menu and a variety of bases including a vegan ricotta stuffed crust. Also, the friendliest service!

  2. Amy Riddett says:

    All those pizzas are making my mouth water! I know it’s a bit generic but the chain resteraunt Zizzi do a vegan pizza which is delicious, it even has vegan cheese on it! I’d highly reccomend! Amy

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve heard about that but not had a chance to try it – it’s definitely on my list though. I’ve heard very good things about the dessert calzone too!

  3. Caroline says:

    I tried the Zizzis one the other day and it was good. I’ve only had the pizza at HOME once but it was amazing and I’m taking Matt for his birthday. We also eat lots of home made pizza. I bought a pizza stone from TK Maxx and it was a great investment.

  4. Wow! What an incredible selection! ❤ 🙂

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