Vegan in Manchester: Kosmonaut

Kosmonaut (1)

Sunday roast for only £9?!  Yes please!

There are a few places in Manchester that offer a veganised traditional Sunday dinner, but this one in the Northern Quarter is the only one I’ve tried.  And it’s a good ‘un!

The main attraction is, of course, the stuffed aubergine, which was visually appealing as well as delicious.  The three falafel balls were tasty, but a bit out of place – I had to eat them before pouring the gravy on.  The potato and carrots were really good as well, and as a whole I thought this was good value for money, and a very tempting plate which didn’t look like a poor substitute for the meaty version.  Actually, Kosmonaut is the perfect venue if you’re in a mixed group as it caters for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

Kosmonaut (2)

And there was even a vegan dessert just sitting on the bar waiting for me!  They had three different kinds of baked goods, and one of them was this vegan brownie with Biscoff swirl.  I’ve made something similar myself before, and it’s such a good combination.  It was lovely!  (It looks a bit lost on that big plate, though.  Maybe I should have had two?)

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