MiniMoFo: Signature Dish


Are you ready for Vegan MoFo?  It’s in November this year, but I’m so excited that I’m joining in with the warm-up exercises of MiniMoFo.  The first prompt is: what’s your signature dish?  (The deadline is 27th September, if any blogging friends are going to give it a go!)  As this isn’t a recipe-sharing blog any more, my signature dish is not something I cook at home but something I have when I eat out.  In fact, I order it almost every week from Moment Cafe.


Moment is a lovely little vegan cafe not far from where I live in Prague.  Even though we discovered it immediately when we arrived last August, it wasn’t until January that we realised this seitan and cheese bagel was the best thing on the menu, and possibly in the world.  Now we go almost every weekend for brunch, and this is still the first choice.

The seitan comes in gigantic slabs, really succulent and meaty.  The cheese is thick and gooey, just melting.  There is some spicy mayo on the bun.  Nowadays it doesn’t come with the carrot and beetroot in the picture, but standard lettuce and tomato, along with some fried potato slices.  Oh, it’s good.


Sometimes, alas, they don’t have all the ingredients.  This can result in robi instead of seitan (see above), which is an acceptable substitution.  It can also result in a burger bun instead of a bagel, which somehow throws the whole thing off balance and it’s not nearly as good as usual.  Once, they didn’t have any cheese, and give me tempeh instead.  Seitan and tempeh.  It was a good day.

So there it is, the signature dish that I order when I go to Moment, and hopefully their signature dish too – it seems like they get a lot of orders for it.  If you’re in Prague, make sure you give it a go!

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6 Responses to MiniMoFo: Signature Dish

  1. bad1788 says:

    That sounds divine! I am still trying to figure out what my signature dish would be.

  2. Ooh I can’t believe it’s almost MoFo time again! I’m not 100% sure whether I will participate…I always love it but find it so time consuming. I will totally have FOMO if I don’t though 😉

    • Jenny says:

      MoFo is definitely hard work! Maybe you could Instagram it instead if you don’t have time for writing as well? You definitely don’t want to miss out!

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