Vegan MoFo 2016

vegan mofo 2016 (1)

Tomorrow is 1st November, which means one thing to the vegan community:  the start of Vegan MoFo!  I chose my theme for this year during the 2015 MoFo (or more accurately, Dr HH suggested it at that time and I pounced upon his brilliant idea).

Every day this month I will be posting about a different city or town I’ve visited and sharing one place to eat and one activity to do there, so I’ll really be combining my love of eating and adventuring.  While I will post about some of the cities I’ve covered before, it will be all new content on each post – no recycling here.  Yes, I’ve been holding places back all year and I’m very excited to finally share them!

Gdansk (182)

It’s been exciting for me to try to squeeze in thirty visits this year, and difficult to hold material back when I wrote it up so long ago.  I’ve been scribbling in my trusty notebook all year and shouldn’t have much writing to do in November itself, which is just as well as I’m helping out with running MoFo this year and will be busy behind the scenes.

I’m really looking forward to getting started, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my thirty places.  And fellow vegan bloggers, I can’t wait to see all the delicious food you’ll be sharing too.  Let’s do this!

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5 Responses to Vegan MoFo 2016

  1. Shaheen says:

    What a fantastic idea for Vegan Mofo, though how you could resist sharing the new places and your new eats me, surprises me as I don’t think i could have resisted as well as the fact I don’t actually think i would have visited that many in one year, so your very lucky too. Look forward to your blog posts and thank you for being the first person from VeganMofo to visit my humble blog, its really appreciated

  2. onesonicbite says:

    I was wondering what your theme was! I’ve been getting emails about new posts but I am just starting to catch up with posts- feedly is telling me I have almost 500 to catch up with! YIKES!

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