Vegan in Prague: Waipawa


Another new vegan eatery in Prague?  Yes, it’s true.  This one is quite small:  just a few tables and a bar.  It’s worth trying to squeeze in though.  It’s in Prague 10 (not too far from Plevel), so it gets more locals than tourists, and as of yet there are no English menus – but, like most places here, there’ll be someone on hand who can help you out.

During the day there’s a set lunch menu with a soup and a main, then there’s a fixed menu in the evening.


We went for lunch one autumnal day and had this soup for starters.  The weekly lunch menu is posted on their website and Facebook at the beginning of the week, so you can plan to visit on the most appealing day.  Dr HH translated the name as “tripe soup” which doesn’t sound particularly appetising, but it was!

The soup contained lots of onion, fewer oyster mushrooms and some good savoury flavours that we couldn’t quite identify.  It was piping hot and really good, but oh for a piece of bread!


And the main was a twist on the traditional Czech dish:  a slightly sweet root vegetable sauce, meaty soya chunks and good herby mash.  It was extremely filling, and really warming and nice.  It was really busy when we were in for lunch, so maybe get there early.


We went back for an evening meal a few weeks later.  Waipawa closes at 8pm, so an earlyish dining experience is on offer, which suits me perfectly.  However, we were the only people in there at 6:30pm on a Friday, which is quite disappointing – I’d really like to see this place thrive.  The menu is quite burger heavy:  three different versions of a vegan burger, and a gyros salad plate option.  Dr HH went for the spicy jalapeno burger, unsurprisingly.  While it could have been a bit spicier for his palate, he deemed it very flavoursome and good, with a pleasant kick.


And I went for the cheeseburger, which was also a winner.  The cheese distribution could have been better (a huge pocket of cheese in the middle, a little sparse around the edges), but taste wise I have no complaints.  You may have noticed how spectacular the bread buns look:  I can confirm that they were incredible.  And the patty itself was really good and meaty – it was the robi patty so beloved in this country.

It must be quite hard for vegan eateries to make their mark in a scene that’s overwhelmed with options.  2016 has seen a few places close down, and others open up.  I hope this one will make it, as they seem to have real creativity and a solid menu.  So if you’re in Prague, show them some support!

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4 Responses to Vegan in Prague: Waipawa

  1. Emma says:

    Ooh those burgers look lovely. Burger heavy is a good way for a menu to be!

    I totally agree with you about bread. I don’t often order soup when I’m out because nobody gives me bread. When I make it at home I eat like 50% bread, 50% soup, so it’s pretty important!

  2. onesonicbite says:

    What a weird thing to veganize! Tripe soup? At least it was pretty tasty.

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