Vegan in Prague: Chutnej

Yet another newcomer on the Prague vegan scene, and this time it’s a takeaway!  I was expecting it to be a colourful, plastic kind of fast food joint, but far from it:  there were big windows, wooden tables, recycling bins.  It’s definitely a vegan place!

The food is fast and delicious, and available either to takeaway or eat in.  On our first visit we’d been planning on not sticking around, expecting it to be short on seating, but being so pleasantly surprised we grabbed a table and waited.  The menu consists of six kinds of burger, seven kinds of pizza (also available in calzone form, called kapsa), and a few side dishes (falafel, coleslaw, chips or onion rings).  Dr HH and I both ordered calzones, in tribute to Ben Wyatt, everyone’s favourite calzone enthusiast.

Dr HH got the Mexican calzone, and deemed it not spicy enough despite the presence of pickled chillies.  He liked the creaminess of the cheese, and found the pizza well-stuffed and tasty.

I got the artichoke one, as it’s my opinion that there is no fancier pizza topping (or filling, in this case) than the artichoke.  Of course, it was delicious!  I was also a big fan of the cheese.  I was not such a fan of the calzone being cut into three, as it made the middle piece extremely difficult to eat without the filling oozing out everywhere, but sometimes you just have to get a bit messy.

On our next visit, we transferred our attention to the burger menu.  Dr HH chose the beetroot burger, because he was hoping it might be robi (a mock meat made from beets that we’ve only encountered here in the Czech Republic).  It wasn’t robi:  the patty was made with beetroot, as you can probably deduce from the colour.  He enjoyed the integrity of the patty, and was especially pleased to find gherkins in there too.

I went for the falafel burger, which tasted beautiful but was a little dry, unfortunately.  I think that’s always the risk with a falafel patty.  But I was happy to see it was served with cheese, and the bread was really good too.  In the end we agreed that while the pizzas were excellent, the burgers were just fine, and we’ll order accordingly next time.

There are a few side dishes available:  falafel balls, vegetable fries and onion rings.  The onion rings were nice, but I was put off the fries when I took a big bite of what I’d guessed was parsnip and found that it was celeriac.  Noooooo!  I didn’t trust any of them after that.

There were also slices of raw cake available and they looked really good – unfortunately we just didn’t have room though (and had an uphill walk home to consider).  Maybe next time!

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9 Responses to Vegan in Prague: Chutnej

  1. Those calzones look fantastic and I agree with you on both the artichokes (so fancy!) and that cutting it into three is a little silly.

    • Jenny says:

      Artichokes make everything instantly ten times fancier! I threw some into my breakfast scramble the other week and felt like the queen!

  2. onesonicbite says:

    Funny thing is that I never noticed how much Ben was obsessed with Calzones— and got teased for it. Maybe that speaks for my love of calzones. I just related with Ben. XD Weird that they cut the calzone for you.

  3. Lenka says:

    Hi there, if you’re looking for Robi-based burgers, I think they have them in Waipawa (a lot of people have been praising that restaurant, so I guess it’s worth a try). I really liked the pizza at Chutnej!
    However, the best vegan burger of all time (in Prague) is supposed to be served at Belzepub.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Lenka, thanks for the tips – I’ve had the burgers at Waipawa and Belzepub only once each, so I’ll have to try them again soon! Have you tried the burgers at Pastva? They might be my favourites – so much flavour!

  4. katethevegan92 says:

    Those calzones alone are enough to get me logging into skyscanner! Your blog always wants me to come to Prague! I’m gutted I had to cancel the trip I’d planned 😭

    • Jenny says:

      What a shame! You should definitely start looking again. I’m back in the UK on holiday at the moment and I really miss being able to walk to at least 5 all-vegan eateries from my flat!

      • katethevegan92 says:

        I find Manchester isn’t too bad (about an hour away on public transport) but a lot of places are a right pain. It’s my own fault really, I decided to book Disneyland first instead of the original “end at Disney if you can afford it” and now I’m so conscious of how much it costs that I don’t want to go anywhere else! I’ve started the savings jar up again, so hopefully, I’ll be out within a year!

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