VeganMoFo 2017: Camoma Vegan Takeaway, Venice

When on this holiday, I ate squillions of sandwiches, despite the fact that most of the year I’m not the greatest fan.  Just a stone’s throw from the Rialto bridge (home to this stunning view, if you can elbow your way to the front) we found Camoma Vegan Takeaway, home to some excellent sandwiches and salads.  I mean, I’m not crazy about sandwiches, but I’d never have a salad on holiday!

Dr HH got the hot dog, and deemed the salad here a bit unnecessary.  He approved of the sausage, and was a big fan of the toasted bun, but yearned for a spicier mustard.

I got this dark brown toasted bun filled with slabs of tofu, sun-dried tomatoes and strips of courgette.  It was good!  Don’t sun-dried tomatoes just make everything better?!

This wasn’t the most exciting food of the holiday, but sometimes you just want something carby and hearty that doesn’t involve a massive detour – in which case, stop by Camoma!  Despite the name, they do actually have a couple of stools and a bar so you can eat in, like we did.  And the location definitely counts in its favour too!


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2 Responses to VeganMoFo 2017: Camoma Vegan Takeaway, Venice

  1. That second sandwich looks pretty great! I love that type of bread and it’s nice to be able to grab something like that on the go.

    • Jenny says:

      Good bread makes all the difference! There’s one place here in Prague which has great vegan sandwich fillings, but the bread is absolutely awful. This one was definitely more like it!

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