VeganMoFo 2017: Al Vecio Canton, Venice

Al Vecio Canton is not listed on Happy Cow, so I must have found it on another vegan travel blog.  There might well be a reason it hasn’t made it onto Happy Cow though.  It has only one vegan option listed which is the vegan pizza:  tomato sauce, vegan cheese and mixed seasonal vegetables.

Imagine my disappointment to find the “vegan cheese” was some crumbled, unseasoned tofu straight from the block.  I really don’t know how people can get away with this!  You know, the base was great, the vegetables were really nice, and I am a big fan of tofu – but don’t promise cheese if this is the most effort you’re willing to make.  THIS IS NOT CHEESE!

Since my visit, I have seen this same pizza feature in two vegan blog/vlog posts, and in both it actually has cheese rather than tofu, so perhaps I was unlucky on my visit and they’d just sold out.  Either way, I think it’s not really fair to serve this.

I can imagine if you’re a vegan travelling with omnis, this might be a reasonable place to eat -they”ll have lots of choice, it’s in a really central location, service was friendly. But if you’re in a plant-based crowd, definitely steer clear!

We also went to another place in Venice with slightly misleading wording, but this time I was on board with it.  Damien Hirst’s new exhibition, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, was on, and we decided to splash out and go to see it.

It claims to be a collection of artefacts recovered from a shipwreck thousands of years ago, such as this cyclops skull…

…but as you can see from some of the recovered works, that’s not entirely accurate.  It’s basically an assortment of statues and sculptures of everything from mythical creatures to Transformers, covered in colourful barnacles as if they’ve truly just been recovered from centuries at the bottom of the sea.

It was unlike any exhibition I’d seen before, and generally really fun.  I don’t know much about art, but if something makes me smile then I’m calling it a winner!

Exhibition:  recommended.  Al Vecio Canton: not.

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10 Responses to VeganMoFo 2017: Al Vecio Canton, Venice

  1. Kelly says:

    I would be so irritated to get served that pizza! I’m indignant on your behalf!

  2. Clare says:

    There is only one word for that pizza: ick

  3. I don’t think if they’d actually advertised the pizza as it was, it wouldn’t be so bad. As you say, I don’t mind tofu and veggies, but not if I’d been led to expect cheese. The exhibition looks much better!

  4. onesonicbite says:

    I like tofu on my pizza- but it ain’t cheese.

    I think calling that a “cyclops skull” is a little ambitious.

    • Jenny says:

      If the menu had just said “tofu and vegetables”, I still would have ordered it. I love tofu! But you can’t idly throw the word “cheese” around if you don’t mean it!

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