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I love seeing vegans share exciting new products on social media, from great accidentally-vegan supermarket finds in the UK to exciting new Field Roast goods in the US. Unfortunately the Czech Republic doesn’t seem to have such an active community when it comes to flagging up new products (or I’m yet to find it, anyway), and most of the great vegan products I find are imported from Germany or further afield. Although we have Tescos aplenty here in Prague, they don’t seem to stock their British own-brand products so much (I’m thinking of puff pastry, hot cross buns and various chocolates that are all vegan in the UK). Occasionally Marks and Spencer comes through, as you’re about to see -here are some of my recent vegan finds:


1.Kapt’n Tofu’s Crispy Sticks

I was so excited to see these fish finger-esque products in local vegan shop/cafe Puro – but the fact that the box doesn’t show the inside of the product should have been a warning sign. Despite pretty clearly nautical branding, these were just regular veggie fingers containing rice and veg and not even a hint of the sea. Very misleading and disappointing. You’ve let me down, Captain Tofu.


2. Gardein Golden Fishless Fillets

Undeterred, I picked up another fishy product in Puro, and I’m happy to report that they were much better. They even smelled quite fishy when I removed them from the oven! The texture and taste were great. They’re too pricey to be a regular purchase, but if you can afford to treat yourself now and again, definitely look out for them. I’ve never seen in these in the UK, but the Gardein range is popping up in Prague inconsistently, and I like everything I’ve tried so far.


3. Marks and Spencer Gianduja Bar

I was very excited when I started seeing this pop up on social media as accidentally vegan. One day I forgot to take my usual sweet snack into work, and headed to the nearby M&S for a little pick-me-up – I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these in stock! And it’s so delicious, just like Vego. Of course, it’s a bit steep, but it’s a lovely option to have. As a bonus, the whole bar only consists of two (gigantic) squares of chocolate, so you get to say things like, “I don’t know why I’m so full, I only had two squares.” Nobody will ever know that you scoffed the whole bar.


4. Marks and Spencer Sweet & Smoky Chickpea Puffs

I always pride myself on not falling for it when supermarkets line their queuing area with tempting snacks and treats – even though it’s largely just because none of the products are suitable for me. But if I see something that might be vegan, what choice do I have?! I feel like I’ll probably end up picking these up every time I go in – they’ve got that lovely Wotsit-like texture, and they taste deliciously sweet and smoky. Well played, M&S.


5. Marks and Spencer Raspberry, Cranberry and Orange Dark Chocolate Buttons

The next time I popped into M&S for some tea bags, I resolutely looked away from the crisp stand by the queue. Alas, I found myself face to face with these chocolate buttons, and had to try them! They were so good. I don’t think of dark chocolate as a particular treat, but it was sweetened up nicely by the fruity additions – the buttons were textured from actual chunks of fruit as well, it wasn’t all just flavourings. I’m now a huge fan of these.


What is your top new vegan find? Any other vegan M&S products I should keep an eye out for?


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6 Responses to New Products

  1. onesonicbite says:

    Mmmm…. I love when salty chip/puff snacks are vegan! They always add whey here in the states (and maybe other places too) BUT I am excited that Doritos has a new vegan flavor! They have a sweet chili but I hate when spicy salty snacks get sugar added to it (usually happens when they are vegan) so I am excited to taste the new one. Funny fact, my Dad snubs his nose at all the food I make, but his favorite Doritos flavor IS the vegan Sweet Chili. XD

    You should of been suspicious that Kapt’n Tofu doesn’t have a proper title of Captain. I doubt he really IS a captain. lol It sounds like something that would be nice to serve little kids, but they should drop the whole sea theme! Very misleading.

    • Jenny says:

      I feel like a naive fool, being taken in by Kapt’n Tofu! I’ll have to see if those vegan Doritos make it to the Czech Republic, they sound good – glad they won your dad over too!

  2. How did I not know that there was an M&S Vego equivalent?! If it wasn’t the middle of the night, I’d be off out searching for some of it. As for Cap’n Tofu, he should walk the plank for deceiving you!

  3. Clare says:

    You’ve persuaded me to pop into an M&S food! Those chickpea puffs sound amazing.

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