Vegan in Nuremberg: The Green

I don’t think I ever feel fancier than when I’m eating an acai bowl for breakfast. I do it rarely (because truthfully, I’m much happier eating a gigantic baked good for breakfast), but this weekend was one of those occasions. It sounds terribly sophisticated (to my unsophisticated ears) to say that I went for a weekend away and had an acai bowl for breakfast.

Nuremberg is just three and a half hours and €15 away from Prague by coach, so we decided to give it a whirl rather than heading to Berlin for the squillionth time. As well as some interesting historical sites and some charming, picturesque sights, Nuremberg also has some solid vegan options. As soon as I perused the options on Happy Cow, I singled out The Green as our number one breakfast spot.

It’s an all vegan cafe that specialises in smoothies. It’s simply and stylishly decorated, and the menu is quite healthy. They serve a few sandwiches and lunch options later in the day, but the breakfasts appear to be the star of the show. Alongside a savoury or sweet breakfast plate (breads, spreads, and accompaniments), there are a few other options like banana toast, muesli, and, of course, acai bowls.

We forked out €10.50 each for a premium acai bowl. This takes the regular acai bowl (which is topped with fresh fruit, chia seeds, and coconut) and adds granola, plus one addition to the smoothie element (I went for baobab) and three additional toppings (I chose mixed nuts, goji berries, and dried apricots). As you can see, they were quite stingy with the nuts, which is a shame because the crunchy nuts and granola were my favourite parts. It was a tasty and fresh bowl, and set me up nicely for the day…but it wasn’t cold at all. All the acai bowls I’ve had in the past have been cold, presumably from frozen bananas, but this was room temp, which was quite surprising. I’m still quite the acai bowl novice though, so maybe this is the done thing. We didn’t say anything for fear we’d look like someone complaining that their gazpacho soup is too cold.

The hot drinks were definitely the right temperature, though! Dr HH got the cashew cappuccino, to keep the fanciness going. And I could hardly let him outdo me, so I paid the premium (again) and got my chai latte with cashew milk as well. I loved the fact that my drink came with a strainer, and the little jug was packed full of cloves and cardamom – the flavours really came through. I love a cashew milk hot chocolate, but we didn’t find the milk as noticeable in these drinks, which is a shame, given the price.

Overall it was a nice breakfast, and we loved the fanciness that it encompassed, but it was very steep for, essentially, a bowl of fruit. Perhaps it’s only for those who feel that dropping almost €30 on breakfast is the height of sophistication!

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5 Responses to Vegan in Nuremberg: The Green

  1. Is it wrong to admin I’ve never had a acai bowl?! Don’t get me wrong, they look gorgeous, but I’m not sure I could hand over £10 or so for a bowl of liquid (and I wouldn’t know if they were meant to be warm or cold either). I think I’d rather have baked goods too!

    • Jenny says:

      We got hooked on them when we were in Valencia a few summers ago and it was boiling hot – they were a healthier alternative to ice cream. They’ve definitely lost their appeal since then!

  2. onesonicbite says:

    I love acai bowls, but I never like fork over so much cash! I don’t think it is something that is purposefully overcharged, as acai packets do cost a lot. So I make them at home, but only occasionally. I don’t know if I would want a warm bowl though- very weird.

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