Vegan in London: Breakfast Around Brick Lane

I once overheard some terrible American backpackers on the tram in Prague discussing their recent European adventures thus:

A: I’m still mad we didn’t go to McDonald’s in London.

B: Hey, I wanted to go! Nobody goes to London for the food.

Well, let me tell you that every vegan goes to London for the food! I always agonise over how to squeeze as much food as possible into a short stay in the capital, and I have to say that I was very pleased with my most recent effort.

In May, Dr HH and I popped over to London to see the wonderful Trevor Noah on one of his few European dates. We filled in the rest of our time with food! We were staying near Brick Lane, which is a great area for vegans, and we found plenty of culinary delights there – including these two convenient spots for breakfast.

Regular readers will not be surprised to see this picture. Of course I found vegan donuts! These were from Crosstown Doughnuts, which has several locations in the city. This one was a nice little cafe with a reasonable amount of seating. The vegan options were clearly labelled, and there were some very exciting flavours. I love donuts with a custardy, creamy centre, so I was delighted with this coconut and lime with spirulina dough. The tropical flavours were lovely, and I enjoyed the texture of the crumb on top.

Dr HH was also impressed with his lemon-thyme with beetroot dough. Again, it was a great flavour combination, and the coloured dough was a fun twist. There are quite a few other flavours, so we’re keen to get back  and try some more – the dark chocolate truffle sounds right up my street!

Another breakfast option is Canvas Cafe, an all-vegan cafe and community centre which is apparently famous for its freakshakes, but we didn’t have chance to indulge in those. Not that it was an indulgence-free visit, though: I’m powerless to resist a French toast, and this one certainly exceeded my expectations! The slabs of homemade sourdough were about ten times bigger than I was expecting, and they  were sweet and delicious.

Dr HH kept it savoury, as is his wont, with the Full English. As you can see, he was also treated to some sourdough. He found two elements of the breakfast quite bland and disappointing: the scramble, which needed seasoning, and the spinach, which had just been wilted – he would have preferred it sauteed with garlic. However, he raved about the sage sausages, well-seasoned, spicy beans, and especially the roast potatoes.

This is another place we’d be happy to return to – ideally, with enough room for a freakshake too! I’ve never had one, but I assume they’re an acceptable breakfast dish?

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6 Responses to Vegan in London: Breakfast Around Brick Lane

  1. Say whhaaaa? Everywhere I go, I go for the food! London has some great places to eat, and the vegan options have really mushroomed over the last few years especially. I think my favourite Crosstown donut was the one with a chocolate centre. So good.

  2. onesonicbite says:

    haha I don’t understand when people don’t care about food when traveling. Why?! Even when I am camping and such I am planning out yummy meals. Although I have heard a few good arguments about eating McDonalds abroad. One was very specific to a location in France, as the girl was vegetarian and didn’t drink coffee. So she felt like she could bum it at the McDonalds sipping her soda and french fries for a few hours. And that specific spot had a really nice view (oddly). The other argument I’ve read was that McDonalds still gives you a slice of local food since the chain always caters to local preferences. I know a travel-food vlogger who moved to Japan and joked how they’ve eaten at the McDonalds more than they had in the past 10 years, but then again it seems that Japanese McDonalds have a LOT of seasonal foods. Even in the states have special regional foods.

    • Jenny says:

      That’s definitely true about regional McDonald’s differences. In Hong Kong they used to have some broccoli and noodles dishes! I’m with you though, food is my main concern when I’m planning a holiday, wherever I’m going!

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