Vegan in London: Crosstown Doughnuts

After an exhausting month of blogging about different international cuisines, it’s time to get back to my favourite food: doughnuts! As I have mentioned, there’s no shortage of vegan doughnuts in Prague (Exhibit A, Exhibit B), but I still always try to find some when I’m on the road as well. We’ve devoured excellent vegan donuts in Dublin, Rome, Berlin, Munich, and Barcelona, and London is doing us Brits proud.

There are now several vegan doughnut options in London, but I can’t seem to get away from Crosstown Doughnuts. This is partly because they’re really close to our preferred London hotel, and partly because they’re just really good! When we were back in London in July, we were very excited to see a couple of new options on the vegan menu.

Dr HH couldn’t resist this special 4th July flavour: key lime custard. He reported that it was generally lovely and zesty, if occasionally a bit too sharp – that’s the risk you run with lime, though. Still, it was a good filled doughnut.


Regular readers will be unsurprised to learn that I only had eyes for this chocolate truffle concoction. And oh, it was sublime! It had a thick, rich chocolate topping, plus a creamy nutella-esque filling inside. It was probably a bit indulgent for breakfast, if you want to abide by society’s rules…but I believe they don’t apply when you’re on holiday.

Be warned: you will end up with chocolate all around your face. Totally worth it though!

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2 Responses to Vegan in London: Crosstown Doughnuts

  1. I’m in love with Crosstown Doughnuts! There’s not one near me but my local Planet Organic has just started stocking them… Uh, oh!

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