Vegan in Dublin: The Rolling Donut

Newsflash: I love donuts! I used to plan my holidays around where to find a good vegan croissant, but now I’m all about donuts. There’s so much scope for exciting flavours and toppings. As soon as I googled “vegan donuts Dublin”, I decided that we’d pop along to Rolling Donut for breakfast all three mornings we were in the city. As it turned out, one morning I was too ill to eat so we didn’t hit our target of trying all the vegan options, but we did pretty well.

There are two branches in the city centre, with about 8 daily vegan options – there were some slight variations the two mornings we visited, but they were largely the same. The branch we visited was right by the river, and was quite busy on our visits (unsurprisingly, as the window display is extremely tempting, and there’s quite a steady stream of tourists passing by). There are just a few stools at the bar inside, and four chairs out on the street, so you might have to grab something to go if you’re unlucky. They also have non-dairy milk for hot drinks, so you can make a proper breakfast of it too.

Dr HH and I both agreed that this coconut chocolate one was a winner – the chocolate coating was delightful, and they were very generous indeed with the coconut sprinkling.

Yes, there is a donut under all those toasted flaked almonds! This was the almond and vanilla, which was very sweet and delicious, with great texture and crunch from the nuts. This was Dr HH’s favourite.

I’m a big fan of a good lemon and poppy seed dessert, and this was no exception. The sharp lemony hit was nicely balanced by the sticky sweet vanilla icing.

We suspect that the same vanilla icing is used for most of the vegan donuts and topped with various different things – and as such, this pistachio and vanilla one was also a treat! Everybody loves a flash of green pistachio on their baked goods.

And the basic chocolate one, while less exciting without its coconut topping, was still really enjoyable, and perhaps a bit less messy to eat, which can be a good thing when you’re eating in a prime tourist spot.

There was a coffee and walnut donut we didn’t get round to trying, along with a raspberry jam one and at least one more that we can’t remember. Their non-vegan flavours were quite a bit more exciting (custard-filled, cream-filled, various exciting toppings), so it would be good to see them go a bit bolder with the vegan options too. But for now, these will do very nicely indeed!

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5 Responses to Vegan in Dublin: The Rolling Donut

  1. onesonicbite says:

    These donuts are cute! So chubby!

  2. I wouldn’t pass up a chance to eat any of those for breakfast – a cup of coffee, one of those and I’d be happy as anything. I wouldn’t say no if they started doing a filled donut though. I’d love a bit of squidgy chocolate filling!

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