Truffle Pig Easter Box

As a child, I never received an Easter egg from my parents. They thought them a waste of money, and instead bought me a generous bar every year (and a book, just because). I firmly believe that this has (a) caused lasting trauma, and (b) made me extremely susceptible to buying myself ridiculous Easter treats to make up for my earlier neglect. Enter the Truffle Pig Easter box!

I have already mentioned my deep love of Truffle Pig, and I think I’ve converted my family into fans as well, after buying them treats for Christmas/Mother’s Day too. I love supporting independent businesses, and I know that these chocolates are great quality. My birthday coincided with Easter this year, so I asked my mum to treat me to this box of goodies (apparently indulgent treats are fine when they’re for my birthday rather than Easter). (Also, this is not a sponsored post, I just want to rave about how good it was.)

I’ve already mentioned the creme egg, which was also sold separately, and was really delicious. But what other delicacies were included?

Hot cross bun tiffin! It’s hard to improve on tiffin anyway – chocolate with crunchy bits of biscuit is already a winner. But the hot cross bun spices and the festive cross on top made this even better.

The truffles were also a hit, so rich and indulgent. They came in a variety of flavours, including peanut butter, coffee, and definitely some fruity ones. I may have been too busy scoffing them to properly pay attention. I’ve given my mum boxes of these truffles for both Christmas and Mother’s Day, and she has given them a glowing recommendation too!

As soon as we finished this milk chocolate caramel bar, we looked at the online shop to check they weren’t just an Easter box exclusive. I’m relieved to say they all in general stock, and they are sublime! This is in fact one of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever had.

These caramel eggs were small and generously filled with very runny caramel. You can see it just oozing out in the second picture! They were lovely.

The milk chocolate coated cinder toffee was always going to be a winner – I got Dr HH and my brother a bag of this each for Christmas, and they were both impressed. It was indeed like little (or not so little) bits of Crunchie bars.

And some hot chocolate mix! I’m a keen drinker of hot chocolate, and I mixed this up with some Oatly Barista (my absolutely favourite milk). It’s the best chocolate mix I’ve had, probably because it’s not very dark, and therefore quite sweet.

I think it’s probably just as well I don’t live in the UK, because Truffle Pig has just started a monthly subscription box and I’m not sure I’d be able to resist it! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or want to convince some of your non-vegan friends that vegan chocolate is amazing, you need to check out the shop!

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4 Responses to Truffle Pig Easter Box

  1. I think the Easter book traditional is great, but it sounds like the easter trauma was worth it if it brought you to Truffle Pig. I have a deep and abiding love of caramels, so I’m off to check them out!

  2. Emma says:

    You poor thing! No easter eggs as a kid – how dreadful! (I used to live on them for weeks).

    These chocolates look amazing.. I need to place an order!

    • Jenny says:

      After the Easter holidays, everyone else would be bragging about still having 25 eggs left, and I’d just sit there quietly, hoping nobody noticed my silence. It was a very traumatic time!

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