VeganMoFo 2018: Nosteagia, London

Cuisine: Hong Kong

When I first started this blog many moons ago, I was living in Hong Kong and working in a language centre directly above a bubble waffle place. Every day I would smell that sweet batter cooking away, and peer curiously at its bubbly shape, wondering exactly what it was. I wasn’t even vegan at the time, yet in my two and a half years in Hong Kong I never once tried a bubble waffle.

Enter Nosteagia!

This is a little bubble tea and bubble waffle takeaway place in Boxpark Shoreditch. I’d been ogling them on Instagram for a few months before finally getting the chance to visit. London vegans had revealed that there’s a weekly vegan special, but I couldn’t see any vegan info on their website, so I was a bit anxious.

I needn’t have worried – most (if not all) of their bubble teas can be served vegan, and they have a separate vegan bubble waffle menu. The waffle dishes there don’t come with ice cream – you either have to ask for some to be added in or go for the special. One of the vegan ice creams is chai, which I’m a bit disappointed I passed up on. But not too disappointed, of course…

How could anyone be disappointed with this?! This was the vegan weekly special: bubble waffle, vanilla coconut ice cream, hazelnut chocolate sauce, Oreos, peanut butter, and coconut. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this was delicious.

Fortunately, the staff provided some tips on how to tackle this beast: don’t let go of the napkin around the bottom of the cone, use a spoon for the ice cream, and start eating the waffle from the highest point at the back. Nevertheless, it was messy. I ended up with chocolate and ice cream all over my chin, nose, and chops, while Dr HH, who has a resplendent beard and moustache, didn’t make a drop of mess – apparently he’s so used to eating ice cream cones with extreme care that he didn’t make any rookie mistakes.

It was a great novelty, and I’d recommend it for that reason, but truthfully I’d probably prefer to eat a regular waffle with similarly extravagant toppings, using a knife and fork.

With all those decadent toppings, it might not be entirely traditional Hong Kong fare, but I’m not complaining!

Have you tried a bubble waffle yet? How much mess did you make?

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12 Responses to VeganMoFo 2018: Nosteagia, London

  1. meshell says:

    i don’t think we have bubble waffle places with vegan options here, but it sounds so good! You’ve got me feeling curious about it! (I am especially keen on novelty.)

  2. plumesworld says:

    Boxpark isn’t too far from my work and I love Nosteagia! I find once you’ve eaten a bit of ice-cream eating it like a sandwich is the easiest, least messy way!

  3. I’ve never tried one, but that looks amazing!

  4. I love a dessert that comes with instructions on how to eat it – but it does make me wonder how extravagant that means our desserts are getting. Of course I would try this at in a second if given the chance – makes me feel my ice cream I had this week was totally naked of any fancy toppings!

  5. onesonicbite says:

    haha I love the photo of you, it is the look of a woman who is intimidated by her dessert. XD

    I’ve never heard of these bubble waffles, but I would try it once at least, nothing is better than a waffle with ice cream

  6. Kelly says:

    Whoa, bubble waffles are new to me. I love the idea but I think I would get stressed out if someone handed me that cone…! (Love your T-shirt, by the way!)

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