MiniMoFo: Puro, Prague

After a bit of a break, MiniMoFo is back for 2019 and I’m really looking forward to getting on board with the monthly prompts. January’s theme is Beat the Blues (more info here if you also want to get involved).

Truthfully, I’m not really feeling the January blues. I’ve surprised myself – and no doubt all the people around me – by returning after the holidays feeling refreshed and energised, and I’ve actually really enjoyed getting back to work.

Usually we return after Christmas to find Prague covered in snow, which then turns to the  dreaded slush and ice, but so far this year the snowfall has been light and fleeting, so that’s not getting me down or keeping me locked indoors. Also, I got a great new pair of boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes that will give me a better hope of remaining upright on the ice, so I’m less concerned than usual.

Plus, I actually quite like January. It’s Dr HH’s birthday, as well as our anniversary, so I always have some fancy meals and celebrations to plan. January’s alright!

So I don’t really have any January blues to beat, but if I did, these waffles would probably do the trick! Puro is one of my favourite eateries in Prague (and they serve the best hot chocolate in the city, which doesn’t hurt either), and on Saturdays they offer a special brunch menu. Usually they keep the same menu up for two months, relating to whatever theme they’ve chosen (French, Japanese, Christmas, etc). Currently they’re offering Winter Brunch, which is a good fit for MiniMoFo: comforting seasonal dishes, warming the heart (and belly).

As always, the menu is divided into soups, snacks, and mains. I merely skimmed the soups section (I eat a lot of soup at home, I don’t need it when I eat out), but the snacks were very tempting, including quiche, pierogi, and the open-faced sandwiches so beloved in the Czech Republic. The mains section was the best, though, offering either an omelette or some waffles.

Obviously I got the waffles. They were delicious! They were sitting on a bed of sweet, soft, baked apple slices, covered in lashings of maple syrup, scattered with hazelnuts, and topped with generous clouds of whipped cream. Now that’s a brunch! It was tasty, comforting, and extremely filling – I really needed a good walk afterwards.

And if I had been suffering from the January blues, I’m sure these would have put a smile back on my face!

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3 Responses to MiniMoFo: Puro, Prague

  1. juliemokrzycki says:

    Yum, those waffles look fantastic; I love the idea of serving them on top of baked apple slices!

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