Vegan in Berlin: Brammibal’s Donuts (Again!)

The fact that I love donuts has probably not escaped your attention. They are exquisite! In Prague we have two solid options for vegan donuts, but they’re not quite in the same league as Brammibal’s Donuts in Berlin. The donuts there are so soft  that, as I commented to Dr HH, “It’s like eating a cloud!”

And over the last year the number of Brammibal’s branches in Berlin has tripled – especially good news as I found it tricky to get a table at the original one. On our recent trip to Berlin, Dr HH and I treated ourselves to a trip to Brammibal’s every day, and we regret nothing!

The maple smoked coconut balanced the sweet and smoky flavours really nicely, but the coconut was all loosely piled on top which meant that it all started tumbling off as soon as I picked up the donut. So points for flavour, but not for construction!

The banana peanut fudge was a flavour explosion – in fact, it was possibly even a bit too banana-y for my tastes. But if that’s a combo you like, this is a great option.

The Boston cream was sublime! We didn’t want to both order the same donut, but we both really wanted to try it and I refused to share (because it would be messy, and because cream isn’t always evenly distributed so one of us would probably end up losing – I stand by this decision, but Dr HH seemed to think I was insane). Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t share. It was delicious! The chocolate was still a little glossy and not-quite-set, which made for messy eating. The cream filling was exquisite, the chocolate was dark and delicious, it was the perfect combo.

We shared the pink hibiscus because it sounded exciting and looked like a proper Homer Simpson donut. Neither of us knew what hibiscus was, and to be honest we’re still none the wiser – it was a generic sweet donut!

And finally, a couple of donuts for the road! These were actually the best of the weekend. Yes, even better than the Boston cream! The cashew and cacao nib donut on the left was super chocolatey and exactly my kind of donut. And Dr HH loved the texture and flavour of the nougat one on the right.

So once again, it was a great, donut-filled trip to Berlin! I was quite alarmed to see a fellow diner at Brammibal’s tucking into their donut with a knife and fork. Is this the norm where you are? I can see a certain kind of sense to it, considering how sticky our hands got with some of them, but surely there’s a line that should never be crossed?

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2 Responses to Vegan in Berlin: Brammibal’s Donuts (Again!)

  1. plumesworld says:

    My friend has just opened a vegan doughnut shop in Southend, you can’t beat a good doughnut!

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