Vegan in Malaga: MIMO Vegan Bistro

Has the sea ever looked so inviting?! I envy people who can take their government approved daily walk anywhere more attractive than a city park right now!

On our trip to Andalusia last October we were flying back from Malaga and decided to arrive there early enough to get some lunch in the city before heading to the airport. We didn’t have time for any proper sightseeing (not when there was food to be had!), but we made a beeline for the sea, because that’s what you do when you’re on holiday. It was very pretty indeed.

And the food wasn’t so bad either! It was a bit of a trek from the sea to MIMO Vegan Bistro, but it was a pleasant day for walking. The bistro itself was very small and cramped, but they managed to squeeze us in, fortunately. The staff were extremely friendly and informative, letting us know that all the ingredients are locally sourced and lovingly prepared. We hadn’t planned on having a three course meal, but we were powerless to resist!

There was a choice of three starters, but we only had eyes for one: happy oysters. It was a pot of oyster mushrooms cooked in olive oil, garlic, and parsley, and served with homemade bread. Just based on the description your mouth is probably watering imaging how earthy and delicious it was, but truthfully we both felt it could have packed a bit more of a punch. More garlic, maybe? That’s my solution to everything!

Dr HH went for the main course that definitely sounded the best. It’s a bit difficult to discern from this picture, but it was a baked sweet potato topped with quinoa, mushrooms, chard, and jackfruit, with an avocado and lime dressing. It’s hard to make a baked potato an exciting main, but they did the trick with this, it was really flavoursome!

I decided to go for the kashotto instead, which turned out to be a kind of buckwheat risotto, with fennel sauce, tempeh, green beans, and roasted broccoli. The tempeh was especially good, but again they could have turned the flavour up a wee bit for my taste.

There was some chocolate mousse/meringue concoction on the dessert menu, and I wish I could remember why I didn’t order that when it was clearly tailor made for me! Instead we got this apple tart with homemade ice cream, which was really tasty.

Spain is one of my favourite countries to visit for delicious vegan food, and this trip certainly proved why. Even though there could have been a bit more flavour in some of these dishes, everything was still fresh and tasty, the wine was delicious, and the service was warm and friendly.

Here’s to another trip to Spain in the future!

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2 Responses to Vegan in Malaga: MIMO Vegan Bistro

  1. Spain looks lovely! My government-approved walking is WELL off the beaten path (and I generally only go 1-2 times per week–the rest is yoga) because some of my fellow citizens aren’t taking this seriously and I want to avoid them. I hadn’t really thought to go to the sea, but I could get there in about an hour and maybe I should? So far I’ve walked defunct trolley paths and obscure cemeteries, which are interesting in their own right.

    • Jenny says:

      Go to the sea! (If it’s safe to do so!) It sounds like you have an interesting route anyway. There are quite a few parks near us, all of which are nice enough, but it’d be good to see something different.

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