Out of Retirement?

 A photo of the blog author smiling in the spring

Hello! It has been a whopping three years since my last post on this blog and now I’m sort of, maybe, back?

I never really consciously decided to stop blogging, but it was one of those things that just petered out for me during the first lockdown. Almost everyone from the small community of vegan bloggers I was in stopped posting in 2020 or 2021, and I was no different. Obviously it was a time of huge upheaval and making time to write my posts felt like a bit of a slog. After spending all day sitting at my kitchen table and typing on my laptop, I was not keen to spend more of my day…sitting at my kitchen table and typing on my laptop. Then there was the additional problem that I mostly blogged about food I ate while travelling. The world felt so small at that time, I didn’t know what my future travels would be like. Blogging just didn’t feel like fun any more.

I have thought a few times about restarting. Since international travel started getting easier again, I’ve revisited a few places I’d been to pre-pandemic, and Dr HH and I would read my old blog posts to check what we ate last time and what we did and didn’t like. I even started making notes about all our meals on holidays in 2022, just in case I decided to write it up at some point. And now maybe I will! So perhaps my main motivation in restarting this blog is so that Dr HH and I can make good food choices when we’re travelling, and if anyone else reads and finds it helpful too, so much the better! But also, I loved the old blogging community back in the day (three years feels like a long time ago), and maybe we’ll be able to reconnect now.

I’m not sure how long my return from retirement will last. I’ve got a series of posts lined up about a recent trip to New York which I intend to post every Monday, just like the old days, but we’ll see after that. If any of my old blogging friends are still out there, come and say hi!

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