Vegan in Granada: Wild Food

Writing about food I enjoyed on holidays is at once a welcome diversion from lockdown woes and a kind of torture as I reminisce about the freedom to travel that I always took for granted. I’m going to appreciate everything so much more when this is all over!

Finishing off last October’s Spain trip then: as well as all the tapas dishes we shared in Granada and Seville, Dr HH and I also split a few starters when we went to Wild Food. It was quite a swanky place, on the ground floor of a hotel. It was very busy, and very dark too – not at all conducive to food photography!

The mains were predominantly pizzas, but there were a lot of good options on the starters menu so we jumped right in. We shared the excitingly-named guacahummus, which consisted of beet hummus, pico de gallo, baba ganoush, and tapenade with some crisps, breads, and veg. Everything was tasty, especially the baba ganoush which always has to tread that fine line between smoky and bitter.

Somehow we passed up the gyoza and went instead for the jack fruit bao buns which you can just about make out here. They were messy but tasty bites.

The real stand out was this tempura cauliflower in a sweet and sour sauce. It was tender, sticky, and delicious! You can’t really go wrong with this kind of dish, can you? I could have happily eaten another plate.

The desserts were not too shabby either! Who can resist a tarte tatin? This was crispy and sweet, with lovely ice cream.

And then this chocolatey concoction! I honestly can’t even remember what it was, which seems insane. It reminds me of this exquisite dish we had in Brighton once, but the fact that I can’t remember it well suggests that it was less impressive. Still, chocolate ice cream, chocolate creams, chocolate crumb – what’s not to love?!

I don’t know if this is a sign of my brain melting down during lockdown. Of all things to forget, why must it be desserts?!

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