Vegan in Cordoba: Sensibles

Cordoba was another of our stops in Andalusia, purely to visit the mezquita, which is essentially a kind of mosque/cathedral hybrid, and was just as exciting as it sounds!

It was a real breath of fresh air after visiting a lot of European cathedrals and churches over the years. Seeing the Islamic tiles and architecture was a treat!

It was a three hour bus ride from Granada, so we set off early and arrived hungry. There’s a vegan-friendly superhero-themed cafe in Cordoba which we were very keen to visit, but unfortunately their serving hours didn’t match our fairly tight schedule. So instead we headed to Sensibles, a little bakery that served a couple of vegan cakes and some vegan crepes. There was no indoor seating, just a couple of seats outside, but it was a beautiful day and the cafe is down a little side street, so we sat and ate in the peaceful sunshine.

There were a few different vegan filling options for the crepes. We went for guacamole, mushrooms, and olives.

It was a really solid lunch option that I would heartily recommend! It was quite light, but the filling was good.

The only vegan dessert was this chocolate orange cake covered in sprinkles, so we grabbed them for the road. It was a slightly confusing situation as the cakes were essentially frozen and we were unsure if they were supposed to be eaten cold or thawed out. We didn’t have any means of carrying two little cakes around while they defrosted, so we ate them as they were. They were tasty, but it was all a bit weird!

Cordoba was a really fun place to visit and wander around in the sunshine, though we timed it a little poorly in that the other main attraction in the city was closed that day. It ended up being one of those lovely holiday days where you’re wandering around charming little streets, admiring the architecture, and basking in the sunshine. Here’s hoping there’ll be days like that again soon!

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1 Response to Vegan in Cordoba: Sensibles

  1. onesonicbite says:

    That sculpture with the blue pots looks amazing!

    Very interesting that it was a christian and muslim temple. I remember going to Bahai temple when visiting my sister in Chicago and it was really pretty. I wonder if they have one in Europe?

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