Vegan in Granada: Almalibra Açaí House

Many moons ago, Dr HH and I discovered the joys of an açaí bowl while we were in Valencia. It was a scorching hot summer, we were desperate to find somewhere to eat, and then suddenly this place with ice cold vegan options was before us. Imagine my delight at seeing that the same establishment we visited that summer in Valencia also had a branch in Granada! The set up was a bit different – it was a tiny little cafe in Valencia, but here it seemed to be the entire ground floor of a big hostel, so it was a bit more bustling but service was still fast and friendly. The menu was more extensive, too.

Of course though, we ordered the same dish we fell in love with back in 2016 – the standard cool, creamy bowl topped with banana, chocolate chips, and a delicious peanut crumble.

The peanut crumble is the stuff dreams are made of! After one greedy mouthful to recapture the taste from four years earlier, I saved the rest till the end for a really nutty finish. No regrets!

You can’t beat a really exciting, indulgent breakfast. Going out for breakfast is a holiday staple for us, and locally we also go out for brunch every Saturday and try to make something fancy at home every Sunday. Now our brunch options have closed due to the pandemic, we’re trying to keep up our own fancy breakfast traditions, at least on the weekends. Everyone needs a treat right now!

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