Vegan Mofo: Radost FX, Prague


Day One:  Rise and shine!  It’s Mofo time!  Tell us about your breakfast

Every September is Vegan Mofo, a month of food blogging – historically, bloggers would choose a theme and post on that topic every day of the month.  I was really looking forward to my first time participating, and as such I chose my theme months ago and have been preparing my posts since then.  Imagine my dismay, then, when a few months ago it was announced that the system was being shaken up.  No more monthly theme, just a list of daily prompts for all vegan bloggers/Instagrammers/etc to post on.  I refuse to let my months of prep go to waste, so I’m going to shoehorn my prepared posts into the daily topics as best I can.  And for the first day, nothing could be easier, as the prompt perfectly matches my chosen topic:  breakfast.

On Sunday I made a long-awaited trip to Radost FX for the vegan brunch.  It’s an intriguing place:  club, bar, café and restaurant, all in one.  I’d had my eye on the vegan brunch since our first trip to Prague in May and was eager to pay a visit after we moved here.  There is a fairly extensive brunch menu, though it leans pretty heavily towards egg-based dishes.  There are four options in the vegan section of the menu, and I went for the Elvis on Pita, because how could anyone resist a name like that?!


It’s difficult to see under all the fruit, but there is a big round toasted pita, topped with creamy, sticky peanut butter and thick banana slices.  Truthfully, I could have lived without the fruit salad round the side, but it was perfectly fine.  The main event was really good, and I say this as someone who is resolutely opposed to peanut butter on toast.  It was stick-your-mouth-together good!  The only thing to watch out for is the fact that the menu states it will be drizzled with honey.  I don’t know if there’s a definitive answer on the “Should vegans eat honey?” issue, but I was surprised to see it listed on a vegan dish.  It’s easy enough to ask for it to be subbed for maple syrup, but you have to pay for that privilege.


I’m definitely going to make a return trip to Radost FX – I loved the shabby chic interior and the atmosphere, plus the service was top notch (and there’s an English menu, which is a definite bonus).

Stay tuned for 29 more days of vegan breakfast heaven!

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